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User Info: Dagger15

12 years ago#1
How in the name of almighty God do you beat "Tube Race"? There obviously isn't enough time with the 99 seconds you're given to reach wherever the end of that pod section is, and it's impossible to NOT take so much damage that you don't break without going over the time limit. And I honestly don't even believe there's this so-called "secret air supply" in that level, because I've only found two deviations from the designated course of the pod, and they're both dead-ends..

Also, is this game even supposed to be relatively possible without the "extra 1-up" cheat?

User Info: daoud_qin

11 years ago#2
Yeah those submarine sequences are one of the definite flaws in this otherwise very good game. It is possible to make it, I've done it but it's much easier with the extra air.

Yes there is an extra supply. You need to go through a wall on the left side that has a pair of circle shaped lights. Can't remember where it is exactly but you can easily look up a video walkthrough.

Although this video was made for the sega cd version, the secrets for the level you are referring to are the same in both games so this video should help you see where the secret air supply is.


skip to 3:16 mark to see what it looks like. you can also look up other video walkthroughs on youtube which probably also show it.

User Info: Riveller

11 years ago#3
That level almost made me stop playing the game once.

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User Info: Spoofer

11 years ago#4
As stated above, there is indeed a hidden air supply. Though it certainly is possible to navigate through the entire area in the 99 seconds the first air supply gives you, without taking much damage at all. You just need to get better at it and stop blaming the game...

... or play any of the multitude of new games out there today that don't include any challenge whatsoever and have hundreds of variations of lame walkthroughs that exist to practically play the game for you. =p
For example, let's say that there was a butterfly flying over a meadow.
I think I'd want to catch that butterfly.

User Info: Riveller

11 years ago#5
I had to use the hidden air supply to pass the level and i found it by accident. EJ 1 was a very difficult game and I was able to finish it just once. While the second game is much easier to get through, I still prefer the first one.
Nowadays I do not have the same amount of free time to endure a hard game from the past but it's always gratifying when I complete such games... without cheating.

3DS FC - 1461-6412-2479. FC2 - 4957-4161-7267

User Info: SmokePilot

11 years ago#6
I stopped playing because of that level.
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