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User Info: utunnels

9 years ago#1
Just found something not mentioned in the faqs section.

1) The Wizard has a strong attack before the armor upgrade. Though it looks exactly the same as the normal attack. So as the Wizard, always hold up while attacking.

2) The Wizard is as powerful as the Barbarian after the weapon upgrade, his projectile does the same damage as the flail. The Huntress is slightly weaker, but she attacks super fast.

3) Powerups and strength scroll has no effect on charge attacks.

4) You can finish the game using the Barbarian of course, try attack while jumping to do a higher jump. You can practice in a place without enemies.

5) Strength scroll allows you to do double damage, unless you are using a charge attack.

6) Blast damage normal enemies instead of killing them. So it has effect against stronger enemies, just you need to land more than one hit. It has no effect against bosses, at least not working on Manax.

7) Damages of attacks.

The red caveman type enemy has 8 hit points and a normal goblin has 2. The vulture boss has 50 HP for each forms. Your player has 255 HP and the weakest fire ball takes 10 points from you, it doesn't matter since the damage to the lifebar meter is visible.

n - normal attack
s - strong attack
c - charge
0 - no enhance
1 - 1st enhance
2 - 2nd enhance

Before Weapon upgrade:

Huntress: n0=2, n1=3, n2=4,s1=3, s2=4,s3=5
Barbarian: n0=3, n1=4, n2=5, s1=4, s2=5, s3=6
Wizard: n0=1, n2=2, n3=4, s1=2, s2=3, s3=5

After Weapon upgrade:

Huntress: n0=5, n1=6, n2=7,c=10x3
Barbarian: n0=6, n1=7, n2=8, s1=7, s2=8, s3=9
Wizard: n0=6, n2=7, n3=8, c=30
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