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User Info: dragonmaster_90

13 years ago#41
Dang, time to go. I'll come back tomorrow and finish doing this and join that RP topic.
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User Info: countryboy13

13 years ago#42
you gonna make your own rp topic?
OK let me get this straight. I no longer have to fear the monster under the bed when I AM the monster?

User Info: Truck_1_0_1_

13 years ago#43
... wow. Dragonmaster, this book is gonna be the roxxors.
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User Info: dragonmaster_90

13 years ago#44
I assume roxxors is a good thing. If it is then thanks, FRIEDSTRUCK. I'll post the plot a bit later today.
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User Info: dragonmaster_90

13 years ago#45
The Original Versions of my books suck. That's why I havfe decided to write the Rewritten versions to fix all the mistakes I have done in the originals, but anyways here's a small summary of what's going on in my and my brother's books:

In my book the Motovian, Uklangorian, Solarian, and Satori Kingdoms united to defeat Lassic at the Black Plains (a few miles south of the Motovian Kingdom).

In the mean time Juery, Chad and Leok were in Glacieria, which is an island several hundred miles south of the Orion Kingdom, headed toward the Orion Kingdom along with 5,000 Motovian soilders that Panteri, the King of Motovias, had given to him to help him take on the Kingdom.

Ninjasrok was one of the soilders in the army that was given the order to protect Juery at all costs. While they were traveling through the plains of Glacieria an army of 300 dual-wielding soilders attacked them. These soilders were sent by Terror, King of Orion, to stop Juery. The dual-wielders (they hold 2 swords) were surprised to see the army that Juery was with. They fought and the dual-wielders were eventually defeated. Then the army went on their way.

When Panteri go news of what Terror was doing he called a meeting of the Kings and they decided to help Juery stop Terror. (forgot to mention that one of Juery's brothers got killed by Terror so that's why he decided to kill Terror) They planned to march on the kingdom and destroy it.

---Oh god dammit!! I got 4 minutes left!---

After days of travel, Juery and his army finally reached the shore where some Motovian Ships awaited them. They now set sail to Orion Kingdom.

--- Dang, 2 minutes left gotta go!!--
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User Info: damin

13 years ago#46
this game is awsome!!!! this game the music is awsome!

User Info: dragonmaster_90

13 years ago#47
It's you again. Welcome back!
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User Info: dragonmaster_90

13 years ago#48

In the mean time the Solarian army that was to the west of Orion Kingdom finally attacked one of the Fortresses. Rune, the King of the Solarian Kingdom was victorious in the attack. They now are on their way to the Orion Kingdom.

Grinskinash, the leader of the Penninsula Fortress (south of the one that got destroyed) led an army to the Uklangorian Army, led by Zero the King of the Uklangorian Kingdom, that was trying to attack one of the wallks of the Orion Kingdom. They are now fighting.

The Motovian Ships, the ones led by Panteri, finally arrived in the North Shore, which is a few miles north from the Orion Kingdom. They destroyed the troops in the shore and after a short battle set up camp. While the soilders were resting Gregory walked up to Panteri and told him that he heard a rumor that Nerusse was found. Panteri recognized the name. It was the Sword of Alplatose!! The blade that cut the right hand of Necross! This weapon has already shown it's worth thousands of years ago and would be of great use to them. Panteri then realized that if this rumor were to reach Terror he would go to Alplatin and try to claim this sword. Panteri knew that once Terror got this sword he would be unstoppable.

The Motovian Ships that set sail from Glacieria finally reached the Tabard Mountains that are south of Orion Kingdom. Ninjasrok made Juery stay in the mountains with Leok and Chad so that they would not be injured in combat. After the ships left Chad began to complain and Leok started to become annoyed. The Motovian Ships (15) were then attacked by 25 Orion ships that Hec-Tu Nec-Tu, General of the Orion Army, sent.

(the end)

That's what we've got written so far.
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User Info: dark_lord_85

13 years ago#49
You missed the little fight at Eppi Forest, Taffy and Gray's trip, Leok and Tyler's trip, and Phinx's journey to the Emerald's home.
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User Info: dragonmaster_90

13 years ago#50
This is the story behind Necross. I might change it in the near future. All of this happened thousands of years before Panteri went on his journey.


Necross used to be human. He was the king of the Elder Kingdom and was well loved by his people. His name was not Necross at this time (his name is lost). During his rule the Elder Kingdom was attacked by the Vortex. This war was an epic sight to behold. The allies finally came when the need of the Elder Kingdom was dire. The Espers were able to fend of Vortex seige, but not for long. Rakklar, the leader of the Vortex army, killed the Esper Queen Alplatose and the Elder King challenged Rakklar to a duel. The Elder King picked up Nerusse, the Sword of Alplatose, and fought Rakklar. The Elder King proved to be a formitable foe for Rakklar,but was in the end killed. Rakklar cursed the Elder King and made turned him into "Necross." The people of the Elder Kingdom finally defeated the Vortex army and watched them flee. Because the humans knew that Vortex magic has corrupted the heart of their king, they banished him to a barren wasteland of a planet now named, Necrovia. Necross swore revenge on the Elders(Humans) and used his newly obtained powers to kill as many people as he could. Every person he killed became an unholy monster that were known as "Entavians.'' Rakklar gave Necross 5 of his greatest warriors that soon became Necross' most trusted generals. Now Necross and The Five are massing an army to destroy the other kingdoms.
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