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User Info: IWantAName2

12 years ago#131
It's ok.

Mr. Norris was only proving to that guy he could knock him self down by throwing a canoe paddle around the world.

After that he round house kicked the guy around the world for doubting him. Unfortunately he broke escape velocity and now the government is claiming the man is a spy satellite and needs to shoot him down.
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User Info: 420LeMac

12 years ago#132
Chuck Norris can clear 500 cars in a single leap.
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User Info: abigexplosion

12 years ago#133
When Chuck Norris wants to recycle, he just roundhouse kicks a pack of paper back into a tree.
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User Info: Foolish_Pigeon

12 years ago#134
Chuck Norris doesn't play "Chuck Norris Superkicks", he attaches motion sensors to his body and roundhouse kicks his television. It is so scared that it immediately awards him the ending movie.
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