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User Info: Jprime666

14 years ago#11
whos chuck norrris?(serious question)
Vergil:give that to me
Dante: no way, you got your own

User Info: ActJef1077

14 years ago#12
Chuck Norris is not a who
He's not a what
Chuck Norris is a way of life, and anyone who says differently will be stabbittied with cuppycakes
Call me Jeff! Official midget of The Book Club
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User Info: sarge1506

14 years ago#13
Chuck Norris's favorite hobby is knitting sweaters. And by "knitting" I mean kicking, and by "sweaters" I mean babies.

User Info: Studphish

14 years ago#14
At the end of the universe all matter will form a shell around Chuck Norris.
Holy crap! It's Studphish making a post!
Reality. Serious Business.

User Info: Nessonic

14 years ago#15
When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck desn't get wet, the water gets Chuck!
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User Info: Mikeaspike4

14 years ago#16
If you always tell the truth, people will stop believing you.

User Info: Scorpion5_7

14 years ago#17
Black Holes can't escape from Chuck Norris.
"He's being eaten by a shark!"-GIR

User Info: Bigpapa_II

14 years ago#18
How many Chuck Norris round house kicks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop...........Just One.
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User Info: SineNomine

14 years ago#19
Chuck Norris was originally cast to play Danny Tanner on Full House. Everything was going well until the incident with the Olsen triplets.
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User Info: radical rhino

radical rhino
13 years ago#20
*gasp* A mod!
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