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User Info: sly_1

6 years ago#51
To get back on-topic:

Yet another one:

If you don't want the baby get an abortion or don't get knocked up in the first place.
It's called a pil or a ****ing condom.

PS: I'm quite glad to have had this discussion with you Padre, and everyone who joined in. We all stayed comprehensive towards another, and I just wish everyone in the world was like that.
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User Info: fading_starr

6 years ago#52
CheekoStick52 posted...
Also Eevil, because life tends to survive, we can even assume that a life form can develop on a hot planet like Venus or a cold planet like Neptune. Its just because we haven't found life anywhere else, we assume the planet has to have conditions like Earth in order to have life. What if there is a life form that gathers energy from Methane instead of Oxygen? We just don't know.

i know, but i just went the way of what we do know about life, and with what we do know, the chances are already pretty high of life existing elsewhere, but they're even higher when indeed life could form on hot or cold places..
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User Info: SirDan88

6 years ago#53
I remember reading that NASA has found traces of life that was silicon based, not carbon like us, on some planet....maybe it was arsenic, I forget. I'm sure a quick google search would get you better info.

And about Area 51. It is real and you can see it, but ye they do have the signs that say you will get shot if you get too close. It is supposed to be where we develop our mega weapons for when s*** goes down in the world (china decides to get froggy). The gov't also said that they developed the stealth bomber there if my memory serves me right and that was what a lot of people say back in the 60's/70's.

If there is life out there ( I believe there is somewhere even if it isn't "intellegent") I know they wouldn't have ever been here.
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User Info: fading_starr

6 years ago#54
I saw a nat geo documentary about a week ago or so which was about area 51, and turns out they did indeed do a lot of tests with new airplanes among which was indeed the stealth bomber...

there's some more info on it


declassified pictures and info:
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User Info: Assasin559

6 years ago#55
Me personally, I believe ufo's exist. I've been fascinated with it ever since I've look into ufology. I've always believe area 51 exist, way back when they denied it. The universe is just too big, to assume there is no life beings out there. We don't even know how big exactly it is to say so and I don't understand why people think something can't be real or exist just because it doesn't make sense to our science, we don't even know everything.

Most sightings have been explained, except there's that's small 5% that cannot be explained and that's what I pay attention to. I'd hate to get started on the subject, because I tend to go forever, lol so I'll quit now. But since you guy's are talking about space/nasa/ufo''s some older nasa videos I posted on my facebook a while ago. The first one's better imo. The first five min's of the second one is probably best.(Check out 0:16 on part 2)
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User Info: VectorChaos

6 years ago#56
Imo, evolution happened. I mean, it makes sense. However, in order for the 64 something proteins to align in perfect order to create the first cell is around 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion. I just find that extremely hard to believe that that happened by random chance. we can explain how evolution progressed, but we still can't explain how it started.

I heard a good analogy about human intelligence once. The odds of the totally random change in our DNA that made us intelligent just happening on its own, with no outside interference, are equal to the odds of an F5 Hurricane tearing through a scrap yard and leaving a perfectly-reconstructed 747 Airliner behind in its wake, built from nothing but debris and random hurricane winds.

Those are some wild Effing odds.
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User Info: CheekoStick52

6 years ago#57
^Thats pretty interesting to say the least.

I really enjoy thinking about supernatural things. Just things that are hard to explain. But one day I think we will know everything =D
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