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User Info: sly_1

6 years ago#11
Awesome news Cheeks! Congrats man!
Resistance 2 [WTF] Comic: See Quote!; Peeps that like comic: 17
PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader); OP, FMA, DBZ, TTGL, AG, MXLR

User Info: BurningLance

6 years ago#12
grats ^_^
Playing MH3 Name: Lance ....Online ID: 3VGZZU ... HR:52+
PSN: BurningLance_2 ..... Wii FC: 1295 4365 4027 2152

User Info: Assasin559

6 years ago#13
Congratulations!! A new chapter in your lives.
PSN: Assasin559[WTF]

User Info: BlazinDank4Ever

6 years ago#14
Congrats buddy, I'm really happy for ya!

P.S. I'll bring the roofies to the bachelor party.
Anything I gotta do to win Ima win/ I'd rather do right but if I gotta sin Ima sin/ Whatever I gotta do to keep my blood in my skin
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