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User Info: mcart20

6 years ago#1

Hey man, you wanted me to check for an Infamous 2 demo for you a while back remember? Yeah well i remember to check, and there is indeed a demo on the US store (sucks to be Australian sometimes right?). If you're interested, it's 3 missions, 2 good and 1 evil, and you get to test the ionic vortex (tornado) and the kinetic pulse (throwing objects around).

Also Wingers, you was so wrong. His jacket is indeed yellow, not white. You can see it in the opening cinematic for infamous 2.

User Info: Nightcrawler___

6 years ago#2
Yeah cheers man, played it through yesterday, forgot to mention it to you, my bad haha.
Raz [WTF]
'I typed that slowly, incase any of you can' t read fast.' - PadreV

User Info: SirDan88

6 years ago#3
Wingers wrong? Never!
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"Rape" is such a strong word. I prefer to think of it as "surprise sex." - Raz

User Info: mcart20

6 years ago#4

I know, i was shocked to. Then i wasn't at all, when i realised it was clearly yellow in infamous 1, like we said.

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