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User Info: fading_starr

6 years ago#41
and as for why all of this matters: stuff you do on the internet still reflects stuff you'd do in real life, cause it's in your character and you will behave in the same way in real life situations

(unless of course, the internet you is just a character you play, which again would be kinda sad, why would you need to be someone else on the internet)

so if your internet behavior gets you less respect from an e-person, we can pretty much conclude that the same behavior in real life will get you less respect from real life people, unless of course what i said above between brackets applies
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User Info: PadreV

6 years ago#42
"My life is pretty sweet seeing that school is out of the equation. " - Wingman


Boy, school just started.

Educato est omnium efficacissima forma rebellionis. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

User Info: VectorChaos

6 years ago#43
PadreV posted...

Boy, school just started.

This is the truth. As a misanthrope and general antisocial recluse, life was easy twelve years ago when my biggest concern was how annoying the bee-hive environment full of people I didn't like that is a school hallway would be that day.

Nowadays it's rough just keeping this roof over my head. To say nothing of being immersed in this godforsaken thing we call Life on Earth day in and day out, where you honestly start to wonder if you might be the only intelligent life for hundreds of miles sometimes.
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User Info: sly_1

6 years ago#44
Wingman, you disappoint me even more now.
Hell, you're even more stupid than you let on.

I don't know your name.
You don't know mine.

I don't know how you look
You don't know how I look.

We know nothing valuable of one another except Psycho and Wingers.

I never grew up with you and vice-versa

So any respect I gain/lose from you is void seeing that its the equivalent of being friends with a total stranger.

This, right here, is where you are so wrong.
Psycho explained the majority, but not knowing another persons name does not mean you can't be friends.

Not knowing how another person looks, doesn't mean you can't be friends.

You may have different views, you may have different opinions, but to me, everyone here, everyone on this board, everyone that I have on my friends list on facebook, no matter where they are located, no matter how they look, no ****ing matter what their names are....because of the time I spent with them on either a game, this board, or msn, talking, THEY - BECAME - MY FRIENDS.

Friends, most even close friends. Something that might surprise you but I don't give a ****.
There are about 2 or 3 people I consider close friends. And they don't even live near me.
Hell, 2 of them don't even know my real name. And while they may not feel or think the same, to me, it matters what they mean to me.

Apparently, with you, it's impossible to become friends if you've never seen or aren't able to touch one another.
I don't care about all that.

I have laughed my ass off with all these guys here.
I have laughed my ass off on games, talking about...god knows what. Retarded things sometimes. But that, right there....that talking, and eventually, when you look at the serious topics, ALL THAT UNDERSTANDING....that is what makes someone your friend.

Not "I know your name, you know my name, I know your face, you know my face. I can touch yoooouuuu hurr."

All that is irrelivent to me.

I thought you were different.
I guess I was wrong.
You disappoint me.

Something I've grown tired of in my life.
Disappointment is almost the foundation of my life. And I'm sick of it.
Just like I'm sick of bull**** like this.

So yes, I will care what Psycho, Padre, Raz, Jovi, Jin, ... everyone here that I consider my friend, think of me because: They ARE my friends.
They have my respect. And I (hopefully) have theirs.
And that's a feeling that I like.

If you like being a douche, then tell me now.
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User Info: Nightcrawler___

6 years ago#45

From: Wingman | #033
I'm gonna say I'm good at it

You aren't.
Raz [WTF]
'I typed that slowly, incase any of you can' t read fast.' - PadreV

User Info: BlazinDank4Ever

6 years ago#46
This topic makes me sad...
Anything I gotta do to win Ima win/ I'd rather do right but if I gotta sin Ima sin/ Whatever I gotta do to keep my blood in my skin

User Info: The__Captain

6 years ago#47
Wingers, you didn't get my expressed written consent to use my quotes. I demand royalties.
PSN: Ellis4Life

User Info: mcart20

6 years ago#48

I'm just going to throw this out there, but we do know each other more than you give us credit for. Sly, Raz and Neo (and anyone else that has me on facebook for that matter) know my first and last name, what i look like, where i live, how old i am, and so on (well, they could if they looked atleast). Then further more, lots of us talk about stuff outside of video games. So sure, we haven't met in person, but we've basically got everything else down pat. I'm just saying, it resembles friendship on most parts in my eyes...

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