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User Info: Electric_Jelly

5 years ago#11
Chapter Four
Taking Up Arms

I traveled to Windhelm by carriage (driven by Bjorlam, no less, a former member of my crew. I gave him a tip for old time's sake). When we got to WIndhelm, I thanked Bjorlam for the ride and we parted. I found two Nords antagonizing a Dark Elf woman, but I had bigger things to do than take them down. I met with Galmar Stone-Fist, Ulfric Stormcloak's second in command who wasn't present at Helgen.

"So, you were at Helgen, eh? Ulfric told us quite the story. It must have taken one fiery heart to make it out alive. If you can promise to use this same heart to fight for Skyrim's freedom, you may join," he said, impressed by my determination.

I thought it would be a little more complicated than just saying 'I wanna join', so I pressed him about it.

"Well, usually I send new recruits to the Serpent Stone Island, to kill an ice wraith, to prove to me their desire to fight for Skyrim, but you were at Helgen. I'll make an exception."

After he administered the oath, I was officially a Stormcloak. I would have started off as an Unblooded, but again, I was at Helgen. So many exceptions! I started two ranks above, as a Bone-Breaker. I wasn't given particular orders, except to kill as many Imperial or Thalmor soldiers as I can. Simple enough, they occasionally wander the roads, and I'm good at hiding with a bow and arrow. Regardless, the war wasn't progressing, so I wanted. Eventually I ended up on the Western end of the Rift, near Ivarstead. The entrance to High Hrothgar, the Seven Thousand Steps. I was frankly very tired of avoiding this. If the Greybeards want me to come to them, they'll get me. I began the trek.

The first few thousand steps were very uneventful. A few wolves, but that was nothing. Then the trolls attacked. Six of them, on a rocky outcropping. I decided it was better to run than to risk my life fighting them. I jumped on the leader and crawled over him and stepped on all the angry troll's heads to get over them. A few died (trolls have incredibly weak skulls - and brains), so escaping was easier. Trolls are incredibly stupid, too. I decided to not run after all, but to play the role of a brave trollfighter (people choose the strangest professions). I stood by a cliff, and readied a staff of flames, fired some off, and the Trolls came a' runnin'. I dove aside and let them all bounce over me. Follow the leader, they all fell down.

Uneventful again, and then I made it to the monastery of High Hrothgar. An ancient man in robes came out through the door. He had a grey beard. Greybeards, aha. His beard had a knot tied in the end, clearly an authoritative figure. The ancient art of leaders wearing knotted beards is misused these days. Something tells me he's using it right.

He was carrying a set of robes, boots, and a hood, which were the same as his own.

"Hello, Dragonborn. I am Master Arngeir. I am glad to see you have answered our summons."

His voice was weak, but there was more to it than that.
Nice try, Daniel - I just brought back a memory you successfully suppressed.
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