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User Info: ddlkll

10 years ago#21
Quit examining yourself!

There are young children near!!
This user scares me :( - :

User Info: ender003

10 years ago#22
Young children? Where's Chris Hansen when you need him?
I've never had McDonald's. And I never will. I have also never had spaghetti.

User Info: TheLaughingFan

10 years ago#23
Grown Ups these days. Back when I was a kid we had to learn the human body by playing Doctors and Nurses with each others, looking at Playboy respectively Playgirl or watching our teacher doing it with her pool worker. But we never got to read a single edition of the Smurfs because they thought it was nothing more than communist propaganda.
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User Info: buryXyourXkids

10 years ago#24
lol wut
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User Info: Dorohn

10 years ago#25
so the CERN particle accelerator is operating this month? or next month? I hope someone gets teleported into an alien world pool! :P

User Info: ActJef1077

10 years ago#26
back when I was a kid, we watched pornography involving the Smurfs and commies
Call me Jeff Official midget of The Book Club
If you paint a W on each of your buttcheeks and do cartwheels it will say WoW MoM WoW! -C Bar

User Info: Shadow_Bass_X

10 years ago#27
I still do.
If something can go wrong, it will.- Murphy's law

User Info: NumeroDose

10 years ago#28
I've moved on to Care Bears and Socialists
I don't fail. I succeed at finding out what doesn't work.
Not changing this sig until the Bengals go to the Super Bowl (1/21/07)
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