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User Info: Paper-Creation

3 years ago#1
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I should probably do my homework instead of doing these, but eh. Just like the last board (RIP), this is the to celebrate the move I guess, idk. Anyway, here you go.

PK Water
Oh, I get to face Joyful? Well, this’ll be a show!
Tryna’ spit flames, but I’ll defeat you with my flow.
PK Rockin’ the mic, yeah, word to your Mother.
This’ll be over in a Flash, ‘cause I’m like no other.
You try too hard to be funny and your taste is pretty bad.
You’re such a failure that you got fired by your own dad.
I’m sorry I’m the one who has to defeat you, bud.
But no one can survive the ultimate PK Flood.

Excuse me, but what was that you just said, punk?
Cause I couldn’t hear anything through all that junk.
Finding a good line in that was like finding the dumb cat!
Except I could at least find it fun when I’m going through that!
My raps are like my RPs, the epitome of dank.
ITT: I give your rhymes the most garbage-tier rank.
Mad wack-wacky is what all of those rhymes are.
I’ll be shocked if your response isn’t tl;dr.

PK Water
I’m bringing the Offense Up, so prepare to get hit.
I’m winning, but like Roy, you’re still just not getting it.
You think you’re so cool, but you act like a doofus.
Heterosexual? Care to explain Wario and Rufus?
I’m an unofficial member, but even I’m less of a weeb.
You make so many mistakes, but you’re still just a plebe.
You’ve been around so long, yet you still act like a rookie.
Now go back to your waifu. Is it Nowi or Cookie?

Yeah, you don’t get to talk about mistakes, Mr. OC.
Your PK Water guy is more OP than Flammy’s.
Calling me a rookie? Sir, I’m the manliest man.
I’m licensed to do what little kids like you can’t.
I’m the best rapper around, speaking fire’s what I do.
Comparing me to you’s like comparing The Third to Shrek 2.
Now, go home, kid. I think you’ve gotta get to bed.
You can say this rap is finished, but I’ll call it dead.
Official Animea Removal Conference License:
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