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User Info: DarkShieldwham

3 years ago#1
Friendly fire occurs through items.
Picked up rats bash at your head. Pigs won't.

Attack, central attack, head pound (?)*, jump attack, dash attack, pursuit attack vulnerable (done after dash attack knock down or screen edge throw), and throw.
*the head pound is likely an ender like a regular string (which also exists) and activates by keeping your distance and the enemy has enough health not to eat a
finisher. The head pound never kills and may come out as the first attack (how?) but can be followed up by a pursuit finisher. Finishers include Jump, standing, dashing, and pursuit attacks.

(Ending screens and blurb from characters)

- Idle screen shows multiple demos and profiles the Battletoads
- Friendly fire through items like clubs and not guns
- Throw down crates can dispatch a fallen pig so you don't have to waste time using the boot.
- Slam weapons are invincible with use. Use them.
- Dash can be performed after a running jump attack and likewise move into a dash attack upon landing. While holding anything you can still dash. Jet pack level also
permits dashing.
- No idle time killer in this game
- First stage in red text tells you how to dash
- All players have idle animation and alternative idle animation when enemies are near.
- Using a finisher is followed by a victory 'strut' most of the time.

Player 1: Morgan Ziegler Zitz (second fastest fly speed? Second fastest sidestep speed)
Player 2: Dave Shar Rash (fastest fly speed, fastest sidestep speed)
Player 3: George Pie Pimple (fastest walk speed, slowest fly speed, slowest sidestep speed)

General Slaughter
General Vermin (?) - You can shake out of his grab and use the dashing jump in into dash finishers.
Robo Rat - First 2 forms attacks same axis so shimmy and hit. 3rd form will use counter kicks after being hit so dash away and dash in attack. Final form dash away and attack (although it will randomly recover quickly and hit you before you can recover so saving the club is advised). All left over parts can be used as ammo against it.
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