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User Info: SonicSP

9 years ago#1
I do.I go to the arcade every weekend and this game is just packed with player experts and newbies alike playing.I'm surprise that it lasted this long because the game was released 14 years ago and I've been playing this game since I was 5(I'm 18 now,I don't play it everyweek or like that but once in a while,now I play every week).The machines have started to wear down though,even when it's well maintained at my arcade(And I've seen the not maintained on another arcade which was just plain horrible).

Still,I could never bring myself to like the sequel where there are only two machines at my arcade where very little people playing(Compared to the 8 of the original machines in the arcade with crowds waiting to play and spectating).And while the Dreamcast version was good it feels different somehow.

So,if anybody who played the game reads this,what was your experience like?

Oh and if somebody can give me tips on getting below 3:20:00 on Expert Track,I will REALLY appreatiate it.
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User Info: Eric43

9 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Eric43

9 years ago#3
You know, I'm just gonna come out and say this: I will never understand the "apathy" towards Daytona USA 2 by not only regular arcade goers but Daytona fans alike. It's not like the original, but I am under the belief that the graphics, sound, and gameplay on that game are top-notch. I would go as far as to say that if you disregarded Daytona USA 1, I would say it's the best racing game ever made (the only reason is because Daytona 1 makes it harder to choose). It's like enjoying a movie that no one else likes, you're the only one that doesn't "get it."

I think it's because most people who started with Daytona USA 1 first have this undying love for it that can't be replaced, but I'm not sure. Maybe because Daytona 2 looks too much like modern stock car races that it turns them off.

Anyway, there was a Daytona USA 2 cabinet at an arcade in my nearby mall. It lasted for about 4 years before they just got rid of it. They decided to throw in a Daytona 1 cabinet, but that lasted for about a few weeks because no one played that either.

The real enemy here is all those Fast and the Furious games, essentially leeching arcades for what they have with their shallow gameplay. I liked Cruisn' USA and (to a certain extent) California Speed, then the series just got really, really bad.

As for the Dreamcast version, it was good but I don't know why it wasn't more identical to the original Arcade version. I own it but I hardly ever play it anymore.

I try to get people to talk about Daytona USA on "my" board. A lot of other people with similar interest post at the Outrun 2006 Xbox board, but they mostly talk about Outrun 2, of course.
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