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User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#1
Table of Contents

1. Why the current sticky needs to be replaced
2. Preemptive Credits (I figured I’d put them where people would read them)
3. General information relevant to skill builds
a. Seeds of Skill
b. Skill Cap
c. Synthesis
d. Postgame
4. Builds
5. Important abilities and other notes
6. Oh fudge I already put points into the wrong skills. What do I do?

1. Why the current sticky needs to be replaced

If you aren’t someone deciding whether or not this should be stickied you can skip this section if you like.

“Once you hit level 99 each character will have acquired 350 skill points. This means you can master 3 ½ skills.” The writer of the sticky gives skill advice on the assumption that a player will reach level 99 while playing the game. The highest non-completionists usually go is level 65 to get dragon soul, and even a lot of first time players won’t ever go that high. A decent player will complete the postgame their first time through around the low 50’s where the characters have around 200-250 skill points. Most experienced players beat the game in their low 40’s or less where most characters will have around 200 skill points.

Another problem that is just as bad is that he has the attitude that if you start a skill it should be mastered before putting points into other skills. Many skill trees have good abilities or even their best ability close to the bottom of the skill tree. It is rarely the best idea to go straight for 100 points in one skill, and often a bad idea to ever put 100 points into a single skill. Most vets consider most of the 100 point abilities to have little use because the mp cost involved usually isn’t worth the effect. This is especially true of needle rain, the 100 points bows ability that almost always inflicts around 3 to 4 damage because anything worth using it on is immune to instant death attacks. Not only that but Angelo already has instant death spells that can be used against enemies that are vulnerable to it. The creator of the current sticky recommends putting 100 points in bows as soon as possible in both of the skill builds he recommends for Angelo.

A third problem is that he is completely ignorant of some of the best abilities in the game because he totally ignores fisticuffs. 11 points in fisticuffs for Hero grants him the ability to reduce damage by 90% for one turn for zero mp cost. This is a very strong defensive ability for someone who takes a lot of enemy attacks. The only ability that might rival it in defense is evasion up, a trait that is found in… fisticuffs again! Fisticuffs also have offense. For three out of four of the characters fisticuffs has thin air, a great offensive ability for a lot of the game. For the first half of the game it is the strongest ability that hits all enemies. For the strong all enemy damage this move does you would expect a mp cost greater than 2 mp; this ability is dirt cheap.

2. Preemptive Credits

I used Fafnir_Volsung’s (Ryuichi’s) Game System FAQ as I made this sticky to look at the exact effects of each move. I also used Nirexine’s equipment/item FAQ in order to analyze the availability of good weapons for each set. Thanks go out to them and their very helpful creations. I would also like to thank everyone who gave me feedback in the potential skill sticky replacement thread.

3. General information relevant to skill builds

a. Seeds of Skill

Giving this seed to a character lets you give them five more skill points. You get 5 of these before the postgame if you explore and one more can be found in an area in the postgame. Only a few enemies drop them and unless it’s a boss the drop rate is incredibly low. The dragon bosses in the postgame have a 1/8 chance of dropping one and you can steal from them (1/16 chance) as well. These are best used on Angelo. His skill growth sucks.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#2
b. Skill Cap

Each skill set has a maximum of 100 points but that doesn’t mean 100 points can be put in one right away. The maximum number of skill points that can go in a single skill set is dependant on level. A skill can be maxed at level 38. This means that most “ultimate” skills can only be gotten in time for the final boss or the postgame or maybe a few endgame bosses for someone who levels a lot. While following the advice in this topic you will run into the skill cap. Just put your spare points in the next skill set.

Skill Cap = 25 + 2 * level.

c. Synthesis

Skill trees should be planned for the whole party. Thin air is a great move but getting it for three characters is redundant. Not getting a critical hit move on just Hero or just Yangus is perfectly fine but getting critical hit skills for neither of them can cause trouble in the postgame, especially if Angelo did not get charming look. A staves build in which Jessica can use caduceus has more value if Angelo has gone down swords which has no focus on Angelo’s healing role. Your party is a team, not a sum of individuals.

d. Postgame

There is a section of the game that opens up after you beat the game and save. I call this the postgame. You party starts out like it was right before they fought the final boss. It is definitely worth playing as the toughest random battles and bosses of the game are there as well as some extra story. You get a new ending if you progress far enough in here and beat the final boss again. All of your characters except Angelo will be around 200 skill points by this time. Angelo will be around 150 without skill seeds and around 175 with skill seeds.

4. Suggested Builds


42 fisticuffs > 52 swords > 90 courage

This build provides thin air for attacking all enemies, falcon slash for single targets, defending champion for defense, and courage will boost healing with Omniheal and ½ mp cost. Metal slash is in there if you need to level. This build packages in pretty much everything except a critical hit move. In the early game use boomerangs even as you put points in fisticuffs; you can always unequip the boomerang when you need to use an ability.

42 fisticuffs > 59 spears > 90 courage > 9 swords

The main move this build has that the others don’t is lightning thrust, a critical hit move that can be used for metal slime hunting and high defense enemies. Spears also have a variety of solid moves that give it more flexibility than swords. Dragon slash is tacked on for the postgame. Once again, use boomerangs early on while you’re putting points in fisticuffs.

83 swords > 11 fisticuffs > 90 courage (> 100 courage > 100 sword)

This grabs miracle slash and an attack boost in swords instead of thin air to focus more on boss fights. You can grab gigagash at high levels if you have to have it by increasing swords and courage to 100. Do not use skill seeds for gigagash. It isn’t that great of a move but it can be useful in a couple of situations (Gold Boss).

52 Boomerangs > 52 Swords > 11 Fisticuffs >90 Courage

This build gets super throw and some attack power for boomerangs instead of thin air. Super throw costs more mp than thin air but it doesn’t have the resistance issues thin air can run into. The attack power boosts between boomerangs are low so keep in mind that you don’t need the most current boomerang if your finances are hurting. This build will finish a couple of levels later than the earlier builds so don’t use it if you tend to be low leveled.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#3

16 humanity > 6 axes > 42 fisticuffs > 19 axes > 32 humanity > 82 axes > 82 humanity

This build (and all builds I give) gives Yangus heal right away, which is a big help in the early game. Yangus gets helm splitter early on for bosses and thin air will take out large encounters. Share magic is useful for a certain boss where mp is an issue sometimes. Executioner lets you slime hunt and kill that mean postgame boss while humanities lend support skills.

16 humanity > 6 axes > 42 fisticuffs > 22 scythes > 32 humanity > 80 scythes > 82 humanity

This build is like the one above except it goes scythes instead of deep into axes. Helm splitter is included at 6 axes because it’s useful even with a crappy axe and no attack boost. Scythe damage is a bit stronger than axes and includes a small chance to steal. If Hero goes spears this build is fine but otherwise the lack of a critical hit move will cause some issues on a certain nasty postgame boss. Also the lack of executioner will make power leveling more difficult if you want to do that, although I don’t think power leveling is needed if you play the game well.

16 humanity > 6 axes > 42 fisticuffs > 80 scythes > 66 axes (> 82 axes)

This build also finishes at level 41. This build has all the offensive goodies and lets you steal but lacks some support abilities in humanity. Later in the game when you have both good axe and scythe skills you won’t have to worry about the finances of having two weapons because there are good free weapons for Yangus later on. If you level a few extra levels you’ll pick up another attack bonus in axes.

16 humanity > 6 axes > 70 scythes > 32 humanity > 80 Scythes > 66 axes > 42 humanity > 82 axes

This build finishes at level 41. It sacrifices all enemy damage for strength in both axes and scythes and some support in humanity. Use this if your other characters are doing a lot of thin air. If not then some of the points are probably better spent on thin air.


57 Staves > 78 Sex Appeal > 100 Staves > 23 Whips > 100 Sex Appeal

This gets Caduceus (free healing) as early as possible. 78 in sex appeal gives her support for random battles. Kazing is snatched as early as possible for the postgame. The extra mp and especially the mp regeneration will also be useful then. Twin dragon lash at level 40 lets her do competitive damage versus the postgame bosses. You get hustle dance at level 43 which is late even for the postgame, especially since Jessica slightly lags in levels.

57 Staves > 78 Sex Appeal > 100 Staves > 100 Sex Appeal > 23 Whips

This is a variation of the above build. She gets hustle dance at level 40 instead of 43. If you don’t plan on using your orichalcum (You only get 6) for another sages stone (free multiheal, reusable) you can give the free one to Yangus and let Jessica heal the party with hustle dance.

3 Staves > 68 Fisticuffs > 23 Whips > 100 Staves (> 100 fisticuffs)

Accelerate is always useful. This gives her thin air at level 22. She has enough mp to throw this constantly at almost every encounter. Evasion up will give her some more survivability. Twin dragon lash at level 26 is for killing bosses in the second half of the game. This build is more offensive and as a downside she lacks some of her support moves and cannot heal for a long time. You might want to compensate for this with mp friendly builds on other characters (Share magic, Seraph’s arrow). She gets magic burst at level 43. Magic burst is gotten because there’s not much else to do with her points after kazing; the postgame can be finished without this move.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#4
57 Staves > 23 Whips > 16 Sex Appeal > 52 Fisticuffs > 100 Staves

This will give Jessica a healthy mix between healing and offense early on and gives a little support with charm attack. Evasion plus which will be helpful in the postgame. Kazing is helpful as always.


40 Swords > 12 Staves > 66 Swords > 13 Charisma > 65 Staves > 21 Fisticuffs (> 68 Fisticuffs)

This build boosts Angelo’s offensive abilities quickly which is very handy considering his terrible skill growth. Once his offence is taken care of staves and charisma offer several support spells. By the end of the game Angelo will not be attacking nearly as often so the evasion in fisticuffs provides him some nice defense. If you feed him all the skill seeds he should reach this by level 39 or 40. If you keep on leveling in the postgame Angelo’s skill growth shoots up and you can get defending champion for more defense by level 44. This build has metal slash, Angelo’s best way to hunt metal slimes.

88 Bows > 52 Charisma > 21 Fisticuffs > 81 Charisma (> 12 Staves)

This focuses more on Angelo’s mage tendencies than damage early on. Bows will let him worry a lot less about his current mp and will give him decent offense, just not quite as much or as quickly as swords. Charisma gives Angelo a variety of moves that are highly situational but still useful. The evasion in fisticuffs is useful for the postgame and so is charming look. The charisma part finishes at level 42. Bounce and drain magic have situational uses for the postgame bosses but aren’t crucial.

21 Fisticuffs > 65 Staves > 39 Charisma > 68 Fisticuffs (>81 Charisma)

This will raise Angelo’s evasion right off the bat and will give him a lot of support spells throughout the game. The downside to this is that Angelo’s offensive skills are going to be weaker. Bosses will be easier but random battles will be a bit slower. When you pick up decent staves or an icicle dirk you should use them as items (they don’t have to be equipped) to boost your offense. You should grab a staff for caduceus for the Dark Ruins boss to conserve mp, but when he isn’t using caduceus you should remove the staff. With all the seeds of skill this build will finish at level 40 with defending champion for defense. Charming look is received at level 45 if you keep leveling.

21 Fisticuffs > 65 Staves > 81 Charisma (> 68 fisticuffs)

This build is similar to the above build but goes for charming look before defending champion. This is to be used if you didn’t take a build with a critical hit move for Hero or Yangus. This build priorities having a move that bypasses defenses and resistances over having a defensive ability.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#5
5. Important abilities and other notes


Defending Champion (11 fisticuffs)
This move reduces the damage you take that turn by 90%. Takes no mp. This is very useful, especially in the postgame.

Thin Air (42 Fisticuffs)
Hits all enemies for strong damage and only costs 2 mp. This is a very nice offensive ability. Not attack power dependant either so you don’t have to worry about fisticuffs’ low attack power. 3 characters can get this; don’t get it for all 3 characters. Occasionally has resistance problems.

Dragon Slash (9 Swords)
Costs 0 mp, does 1.5 * normal damage to dragons, and stacks with dragonbane/dragonslayer swords. This is quite handy in the postgame which has lots of dragons.

Metal Slash (30 swords)
Very useful for metal slime hunting, very useless for anything else

Falcon Slash (52 swords)
2 hits of 0.75 damage each, for 1.5 * normal damage total. Costs 0 mp. With a falcon blade equipped it hits 4 times at 56% damage each. This move provides cheap, strong, and reliable single target damage.

Miracle Slash (82 Swords)
1.25 * normal damage and heals you for 50% damage dealt. Costs 4 mp, can definitely be useful.

Weapon of note: Falcon blade. This sword lets your abilities hit twice as many times. You can get it by token trade at Baccarat casino. Gigaslash/gash will not hit twice.

Weapon of note: Dragonslayer. Buy a dragonsbane and put it into the alchemy pot with a mighty armlet. It will do 1.6*Normal damage to dragons and the effect is multiplied with dragon slash. It is useful for the postgame.

Mercurial Thrust (7 Spears)
Costs 0 mp. It does 80% normal damage but is a guaranteed first strike. Useful if you pay attention to enemy’s hp.

Multithrust (25 Spears)
This targets enemies randomly for 3 or 4 hits of 50% normal damage. Costs 4 mp. Not as good as falcon slash because it isn’t free but this move prevents spears from being lacking in boss killing power.

Clean Sweep (45 Spears)
Costs 0 mp. It hits a group for descending damage; the first target takes 80% normal damage.

Lightning Thrust (59 Spears)
50% miss, 50% critical hit. This is a staple metal killing move and also useful against anything with really high defense as critical hits ignore defense. It will be crucial against a specific boss, especially if you lack charming look and executioner.

Weapon of note: Hero Spear. Get it from beating monster arena rank A. It has 100 attack power and heals you for 25% of damage you do. If you get it as soon as you can it is overpowered.

Omniheal (82 Courage)
Heals everyone in the party for full. Costs 27 mp when you get it, later costs 18. Useful in the postgame but mp cost prohibits abusing it until then.

½ mp cost (90 Courage)
Pretty self-explanatory, all your abilities that use mp cost less. Replaces ¾ mp cost earlier in courage. Nice support trait.

Super Throw (52 Boomerangs)
Does 1.2 * normal damage and damage does not decrease for each enemy hit. Very nice and it doesn’t run into elemental problems like thin air does. Costs 4 mp though.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#6

Heal (10 Humanity)
This restores 30-40 hp for 2 mp. It is very useful in the beginning of the game.

Nose for Treasure (16 Humanity)
This ability tells you how many treasures are left in a town or dungeon for 0 mp. There are often treasures in dungeons you don’t want to miss.

Share Magic (32 Humanity)
This gives a decent chunk of Yangus’s mp to an ally. It is useful for a boss which could run you out of mp for healing if you aren’t careful.

Kabuff (42 Humanity)
Boosts the defense of all allies for 3 mp. It’s a convenient stopping point for a couple of builds.

Kerplunk (82 Humanity)
Reduces Yangus’s hp and mp to 0 but revives all allies and heals them to full. It is a safety net move, you don’t want to have to use it but if you have to it could save your arse.

Helm Splitter (6 axes)
Costs 0 mp, does normal damage, and reduces an enemy’s defense by ½. It can stack to reduce an enemy’s defense to 0. Very useful as a surprisingly large number of bosses are vulnerable to it. The quality of the axe used does not affect the likelihood of reducing defense.

Executioner (66 axes)
50% miss, 50% crit. Yangus’s only metal slime hunting move and if Hero doesn’t go down spears you’ll want this for a notorious postgame boss. Critical hits ignore defense.

Weapon of note: Conqueror’s Axe. It is the best axe in the game, found for free in a chest on howlwind hill. You have to be able to fly to get this.

Thin Air (42 Fisticuffs)
Same thing it does for Hero. Yangus could really benefit from seeds of magic so he has more mp to use the move more often. It will tear apart enemies in the early game.

Stainless Steal Sickle (70 Scythes)
1.2 * normal damage for 0 mp. Has a chance to steal an item at ½ the drop rate. The drop rates are generally atrocious so this move is used more for the mp free damage increase. It can steal an item even if it kills the enemy.

Weapon of note: Bardiche of binding. This is a nice scythe that is the prize for beating monster arena rank B. It will be a sizeable attack upgrade if you get it as soon as it is practical.

Heartbreaker (19 clubs)
Costs 2 mp and does normal damage. It can cause enemies and some bosses to lose a turn. It is particularly effective against a nasty midgame boss.

Mindbreaker (71 clubs)
Like heartbreaker, except it does 1.25 * normal damage.

Gold Rush (92 clubs)
Has a 1/3 chance of stealing 20% of an enemy’s gold drop. Does 1.25 * normal damage and costs 2 mp. It can steal gold even if it kills the enemy.

Devil Crusher (100 clubs)
Does double damage to demons and 1.5 * normal damage to material enemies. Costs 3 mp. Later on there can be some nasty demon enemies. Namely belials, great trolls, and hellstalkers.

Weapon of note: Megaton hammer. The second best hammer is good when you can get it but is pretty bad for the postgame. Making this will require an orichalcum and the best axe but if you have gone clubs you should make this. It has a large chance to critical on a regular attack but isn’t a substitute for a critical hit skill.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#7

Accelerate (3 Staves)
It doubles your party’s agility for only 3 mp. Does not wear off and the effect stacks. One casting is usually enough to put the turn order in your favor. It is very useful for boss fights to get healing in on time. It is a spell so it can be used without a staff equipped. Also agility has a small effect on evasion (not as small if you can push it all the way to 999, but that is rarely practical). Often used in metal slime hunting to get in more turns before the slimes flee. There is no reason not to get this when it costs only three points.

Caduceus (57 Staves)
Needs a staff equipped. Heals 75-100 damage (midheal) for 0 mp. Extremely useful in the early to midgame for not only extra healing but mp conservation. As noted before mp conservation can be trouble on a certain midgame boss.

Kazing (100 Staves)
100% resurrection chance at max health. Angelo is the only one who gets this spell naturally. Costs 15 mp but is not something you want to be lacking if Angelo dies, especially in a boss battle. Very useful in the postgame where your characters will get one shot killed if a desperate attack connects. As a spell it does not require a staff to be equipped.

Note on staves
Going staves gives mp boosts and mp regeneration instead of attack boosts. Most staves are used better as items in battle than for physical attacking.

Evasion Up (52 Fisticuffs)
This lets Jessica get hit less often if she doesn’t have a weapon equipped. This works wonders in the postgame where defense becomes negligible and not getting hit becomes key to survival. Has twice the evasion of the divine bustier.

Thin Air (68 Fisticuffs)
Does the same thing as on the other two characters. Jessica has a lot more mp to use this move with and doesn’t need to conserve her mp for healing. As a downside she gets it several levels later than Hero or Yangus. Don’t get this on all 3 characters that can have it.

Magic Burst (100 Fisticuffs)
Does 2 damage for every mp you currently have to every enemy on the screen. Then you have 0 mp. Incredibly powerful but if you have to fight after you use it you’ll be in a rough spot. Most postgame bosses take 50% damage from this move. As a spell it can be used with any weapon such as a staff for +100 mp. Use appropriate forethought before casting this.

Charm Attack (16 Sex Appeal)
Every enemy has a 1/16 chance of not moving each turn. This is a trait, not a move. It doesn’t require Jessica to do anything for it to be active. It works on most enemies.

Extra Charm Attack (78 Sex Appeal)
Raises charm attack to a 1/8 chance. In large encounters it is almost guaranteed to spare you some hits.

Hustle Dance (100 Sex Appeal)
Heals 70-80 hp for everyone for 0 mp. Works with tension. Useful for the postgame, especially if you don’t have two sages stones.

Twin Dragon Lash (23 Whips)
Does 1.5 * normal damage to a random enemy in a group twice, meaning 3 * normal damage against single targets. Very good damage. 3 mp cost.

Note on going whips
Read up on how to make some good whips early on. It will help immensely

Weapon of note: Gringham Whip
Get by token trade at Baccarat casino. It has a very high attack power and hits all enemies. It will not let her special skills hit all enemies.

Equip Sword (30 knives)
Even though there are many swords with special abilities Jessica’s low strength and crappy knife abilities keep her from being anywhere close to Hero or Angelo in usefulness with swords. Falcon blades do not let her special abilities hit twice. However if you started seriously down knives you might as well pick this ability up.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#8

Metal Slash (22 swords)
Like metal slash for hero. Costs 0 mp and does 1-2 damage to metal slimes. Works with tension and benefits immensely from a falcon blade. Angelo’s best metal slime hunting move. Useless if you don’t hunt metals.

Attack + 20 (30 swords)
A large attack boost for only 30 points. Very useful for getting Angelo going as he doesn’t get many skill points early on.

Falcon Slash (40 swords)
It hits twice at 0.75 * normal damage for a total of 1.5 * normal damage. It costs 0 mp. This move drastically increases your damage output.

Miracle Slash (66 swords)
Does 1.25 * normal damage and heals ½ the damage dealt. It costs 4 mp. There are better moves for damage and better moves for healing but the obvious advantage of this move is that it does both at once. This isn’t a move to spam but with a little finesse it is pretty useful.

Weapon of note: Falcon Blade. The attack command and abilities except lightning storm hit twice at 75% strength each. Obtain by token trade at Baccarat casino.

Multishot (44 Bows)
Does 3 or 4 hits of 50% damage to random targets. 1.5 or 2 * normal damage total. It costs 4 mp. Lets bows do a decent job of keeping up with swords for damaging bosses, especially pre-falcon blade.

Seraph’s Arrow (66 Bows)
It does normal damage, costs 0 mp, and restores approximately1/8 the damage done as MP. It is a dependable way of keeping your mp count up. A very good move.

Shining Shot (88 Bows)
Does around 120 damage to all enemies. It costs 10 mp and has a few elemental resistance issues. This gives Angelo a good hit all move. By the time you get this Seraph’s Arrow will give you the mp to use it often in random encounters.

Bounce (9 staves)
This reflects spells back at whoever casts them, whether it is your ally or enemy. Angelo can only use this on himself and will still be able to cast on himself. You have to be careful how you use this but it is very useful in some situations. As a spell it can be used without a staff equipped. Costs 4 mp.

Drain Magic (12 Staves)
This is another method of gaining MP, although the bow moves are better for that purpose. This will reduce an enemy’s mp count though. As a spell it can be used without a staff equipped. It can be used to preemptively nullify a postgame boss’s magic burst. Costs 0 mp.

Oomph (65 Staves)
This doubles an ally’s damage on single hit physical moves; on multihit moves it will only double the first hit. Jessica gets this naturally but she is often too busy with other buffs to cast it so it is more useful on Angelo. Costs 6 mp. As a spell it can be used without a staff.

Note on going staves
Most of the moves in staves are spells and do not require a staff to be equipped. They can be used with another weapon set. The exception is Caduceus.

Evasion Up (21 Fisticuffs)
Very useful, especially since Angelo is your primary healer and reviver. You don’t want him to die if you can help it. It is very useful for the postgame where evasion is key to survival.

Defending Champion (68 Fisticuffs)
This is somewhat more useful for Hero as you don’t want to put Angelo up front enough to be tanking. Still if you see a strong attack coming this will reduce the damage by 90% for 0 mp. Not a bad move at all.

Sarcastic Sniger (13 Charisma)
This lowers an enemy’s tension by one level. Situational but enemies that tension can cause ugly situations. Costs 3 mp.

Divine Intervention (27 Charisma)
Increases the damage a group of enemies will take from spells and how likely a status effect is to land. Has around a 50% success rate. Costs 4 mp.

Ban Dance (39 Charisma)
Dancing enemies aren’t horribly common. However one of the last dungeons have groups of enemies that spam dances at you that knock you down and sometimes even use death dance (BAD!). Costs 4 mp.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

14 years ago#9
Charming Look (81 Charisma)
Does around 75 damage and may cause paralysis. This move is fairly unique in the fact that it is non-physical and does not have an elemental attribute. Because of this only metal slimes are immune to it, at least to my knowledge. I do know none of the postgame bosses are immune or resistant to it. This will be important if neither Hero nor Yangus picked up a critical hit skill. Otherwise it will merely be somewhat useful. Costs 4 mp.

6. Oh fudge I put points into the wrong skills. What do I do?

Well, that depends on what skills you put points into. Fortunately having a perfect skill build isn’t crucial so don’t restart the game. Odds are I listed some build that you can mold your current skill build into; the only skill sets I didn’t pick out skills from were clubs and knives. If that isn’t convenient I listed most of the notable abilities above and explained what they were used for. You could use this list to plan the rest of your skill build. If you went knives stop now unless you are fairly close to 30 knives. At 30 knives Jessica learns equip sword so if you’re close you might as well grab it, but stop right there.

If you went clubs you have a couple of options depending on how far you’ve gone. One option is

19 clubs > 16 humanity > 6 axes > 42 fisticuffs > 70 scythes > 66 axes (>80 scythes > 82 axes)

This grabs the heartbreaker move which can cause enemies to lose a turn. This is useful and can be used with a crappy club and you can still get the desired affect.

Whatever clubs you have > 16 humanity > 6 axes > 100 clubs > 80 scythes / 82 axes

If you put a lot more points into clubs past 19 clubs you may as well go all the way. All the decent club abilities are crammed into the end of the skill tree. As all the club skills take mp it doesn’t work quite as well with a lot of humanity. Scythes or axes can be picked up according to your style. Sacrifice the best axe for the best club if you go this route because the second best axe is way better than the second best club. Also the critical hit skill you’d want an axe for doesn’t depend on having high attack power to do damage.

User Info: Lion_Rocker

14 years ago#10
This is a nice topic, though I think it's too opinionated to replace the current one.
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