I Love this game!

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User Info: supersijy

9 years ago#1
I bought the game used from gamestop for like 5$ a few years ago, and I have had the highest return on this game over any I've ever played.

Granted the graphics are shoddy, and the story is corny(and yet cohesive), but the gameplay is so much fun.

Drive around tanks and shoot other tanks. But! After a couple battles and you can start upgrading your tank changing the model, the turret, add side weapons(homing missiles ftw!), and even wings near the end of the game(yes, your tank will be flying by the end).

controls great, graphics subpar, sound mediocre, story decent, but the gameplay is stupendous and that is all the reason to get this game.

(I actually came on the boards to see if there were a sequel or if the publisher has done any other similar games, and it seems that it's in the ChoroQ line of games, but most of the other games seem to be racing and not crazy off the wall tank combat.

AND! almost forgot. Boss battles are truly epic. Taking down a massive tank 10 times the size of yours that is raining death upon you is very fun.
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