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User Info: OrnitierIX

11 years ago#1
So yeah, Thor is killing me.

My team right now is Uzume, Unicorn, and one of those samurai guys whose name I can't remember.

This is obviously a bad team because both Uzume and Unicorn are weak to elec. But I'm having a problem finding something to fuse them into that isn't weak to elec or much higher than my current level(22). It'd be nice if they could keep Media as well, as that's the whole reason I was using them.

Any suggestions on what to fuse(and how to fuse them)? I'd really rather not grind out a ton of levels, but if it has to be done it has to be done.

General tips on beating Thor are also welcome.
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User Info: Meultima

11 years ago#2
Thor's biggest weakness is buff spells.

...Just like most bosses. >.>

Of course, can't go wrong with anything that nulls Lightning, since he only has two turns and no way to boost them at this point. Common contenders include Feng Huang and Minakata, who drain/repel lightning respectively.
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User Info: MR_Soren

11 years ago#3
You should keep some extra demons around so you can swap some out for different encounters or areas. Having anybody weak to electric is going to greatly increase the difficulty of that fight.

I don't remember who I used, but I know nobody was weak to electric. Then I used buffs and physicals to beat him down.
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User Info: OrnitierIX

11 years ago#4
Common contenders include Feng Huang and Minakata

Would you mind telling me how to get these?
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User Info: Meultima

11 years ago#5
Feng Huang is level 36, I think, so it might be out of your range. Minakata is a level 19 kishin demon. Check the fusion chart to see if any of your current members can fuse with anything to become a Kishin type.


The Femme-race are among the easier ones to fuse to get Kishins. Noizuchi + Datsue-ba should do the trick.
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User Info: Voltgloss

11 years ago#6
I recommend using Kishin Minakata, Holy Shiisaa, and Brute Momunofu. I am assuming here that the "samurai guy you can't remember the name of" is Momunofu - it seems the most likely candidate.

Kishin Minakata is awesome vs. Thor because (1) he repels Electric and (2) starts with Dark Might. If you didn't know, Dark Might is an innate skill that makes its user ALWAYS score a critical hit with any normal physical attack - as long as Kagutsuchi is at "new." Since you can run around in front of Thor for as long as you want to change the Kagutsuchi phase, there's no reason not to make full use of this.

To fuse Minakata, Snake Nozuchi + Femme Taraka works well (as has already been suggested). You could also use Femme Datsue-Ba instead. Another option using lower level demons is Brute Shikigami + Night Lilim.

Holy Shiisaa may be low-level (base 13), but is also awesome vs. Thor because (1) it drains Electric and (2) after gaining one level learns War Cry. Two shots of that and Thor's offense will be pathetic. It can also use Feral Claw for decent damage. Plus, leveling up Shiisaa is a good idea in general because it will learn Brainwash, an awesome talk skill for recruiting demons (it almost always succeeds when the target is 10 or more levels below the speaker).

To fuse Shiisaa, I recommend Fairy Jack Frost (or Pixie) + Yoma Apsaras. Sacrifice fuse to bump it up several levels.

Finally, Brute Momunofu can do a lot of damage with Focus (with or without Lunge) and resists Physical - handy when Thor starts swinging his hammer more than launching lightning. Momunofu ultimately can evolve into another handy demon after learning all of its skills, so he's a fine choice to start leveling up.

Yes, there's no healing in that team, but given the best healers you can access at that point are weak to Electric (Uzume and Unicorn, as you found out), attrition really isn't the way to go in that fight. Drop Thor's offense and your Demifiend can probably handle healing using items, particularly when Thor can't hurt two of your teammates with his Zio spells.

Oh, and make sure the Demifiend as Kamudo equipped, for its resist Physical property.

User Info: OrnitierIX

11 years ago#7
Thanks a bunch for the helpful posts, this should be enough for me to beat him.

And yes, Momunofu was the "samurai guy". Some of these names are a little hard for me to wrap my head around, so they don't commit to memory very easily.
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User Info: LadyLyndis

11 years ago#8
I beat Thor this morning and I had I only swapped my Elec weak Demon out for the fight with a Shiisa. He went down pretty fast to just basic attacks.
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User Info: CMoon

11 years ago#9
I also just beat Thor using this recommended team and it was easy. Although it scared me off at first I'm starting to really like taunt. Combine that with focus and you can plan on hitting really hard!

User Info: Pervert_Kuhn

11 years ago#10
I had Shiisaa in my party to only allow him one turn, and then use Makami, MC, and Shiisaa to Fog Breath, Tarunda, and Rakunda him to hell and back. From that point on, I could have easily just pushed triangle and went to get a snack. I didn't because I'm cautious, but I could have. I never had to heal, which is good because everyone was MP drained due to the debuffs.
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