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  3. Is Thoth bipolar?

User Info: Dagnoth

4 years ago#1
*Trying to get holy water

"Thoth is displeased"


"Thoth is displeased"

*MORE sacrificing, and prayer whilst weak

"Thoth is well pleased"

*Waiting out prayer timer, then trying for holy water again

"Thou hast angered me, mortal!"

Syonara, experience level 13

*Table flip

*Ogre lord sacrifice

"Thoth seems mollified"

*Pray for Water

"Thoth is displeased"

So is my luck astronomically low, or did Thoth forget to take his meds?
"Evahnya durhl axio qwexixy" - Stroke victim

User Info: cute_fan

4 years ago#2
Hi Dagnoth *waves hello* ^.^/
Gods can be difficult ... perhaps try several big sacrifices in a row, just to make sure, before any praying?
cuteness ^.^

User Info: SEGAs_Seaman

4 years ago#3
Thoth isn't bipolar, chaotic gods are just more difficult to please.
When the Seaman egg hatches, the adventure begins...
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