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    -auspx- posted...
    There's a Slash'em Extended playthrough on rpg.net forums.


    I will repeat here what I posted on rpg.net forums.

    Slash'em Extended is too hard.

    Having your items stolen, getting amnesia, and getting level-drained is never fun, especially when it happens so often. I have also noticed that there are monsters in Slash'em Extended that can disintegrate your armor, this is not the same as the "destroy armor" spell but an engulf+disintegration attack which can't be blocked by MR or Reflection. It's not a good idea to have such monsters appear before Gehennom. Disintegration resistance is not easy to obtain, most players won't have it until well after their Quest.

    From what I have seen so far of Slash'em Extended it has everything that the original Slash'em has, and much more, and makes everything even more difficult. The game should be challenging but not to the point that it becomes unplayable.