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User Info: Tabini64

5 years ago#1
Since it's now been over 10 years since the last release of vanilla Nethack, I was wondering whether you guys play any of the variants (Slash'em, Sporkhack and Grunthack are considered dormant, but list them if you play them).

On Windows computers there's UnNetHack, DynaHack, and (only on a public server) Nethack4. If you use Linux, there's Nethack4 (which is easy to compile and run), and UnNethack. I'm not sure whether DynaHack has a public server option, and I'm running into trouble getting it to compile correctly on Linux.

On servers I know you can play Nethack4, UnNetHack, SporkHack, and GruntHack (in addition to vanilla).

User Info: ahaeckerlin

5 years ago#2
I try not to learn any new games, including variants. The last one I tried (nethack) sucked up way too much time.
Tjr at the NetHack wiki: http://nethackwiki.com

User Info: mussolman

5 years ago#3
I've played Falcon's Eye and the newer version, Vulture. I remember not-so-fondly when I played Falcon's Eye originally on our crappy late 90's PC. The priest class-specific dungeon would kick the computer's ass, as it would take several minutes for all the enemies to complete their turns.

User Info: cute_fan

5 years ago#4
Several of those variants I wasn't familiar with -- thank you for the tips ^.^
and good luck everyone!
cuteness ^.^
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