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    I understand what you mean about dying on level 2. Sometimses Sigmund shows up with half a dozen other NPCs and there's really nothing you can do about it but start over.

    I just had my best run so far. TrMo following Nemelex of course, and I got enough piety to see the first couple granted abilities. Found an early 3/4 ring of slaying and that is pretty much the most important find in the game. Drank from a few magick fountains and ended up trading a point of STR and DEX for stronger regeneration. antennae on my head. and the ability to randomly rage after so many rounds of melee combat. This last really helped me get as far as I did, especially when combined with that ring of slaying I found earlier.

    Made it to the mines again, but took a detour. Right next to the first downstairs was a portal with black flags, and the message had me thinking it would go away if I didn't go in, so I did. The mapper on the right side of the screen said I was on The Bailey. Looked like a small group of rooms full of orcs and goblins in a variety of equipment, with one orc warlord who had some kind of highly resistant to magic armor that was red and a crossbow that shoots flames. Oh, and it seemed to be really really fast. I did take it down, but was too wounded to fight off the last couple gnolls and orc warriors.

    lol, I stacked up a buncha axes in a variety of flavors for one big prayer. Took up four rows of inventory space on the floor. I think it took six or seven pages of messages to finish. I got two plain decks from it all ^_-
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