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User Info: Runite

8 years ago#21
Better to keep the door intact as a choke point. Drop one coin, kick it down the hall.

Kicking anything makes a noise.

User Info: Validus

8 years ago#22
I was once playing a Knight, and around clvl 8 I found a wand of polymorph and used it on my pet a few times until I had a leashed pet Balrog. It was great, until I fell through a hole trap and he didn't follow with me. And then, on the next level...fell thorugh another hole. By the time I got back up, my pet had turned hostile and I was freaking out.

I figured a level 9 had no chance against a balrog, so I ran away, but somehow ran into a dead end with the balrog blocking my only exit.

Freaking out, I just ran up to him and attacked, and on my first attack, Snickersnee decapitated him. I laughed with relief before actually yelling "YESSS!!!!" in real life.
Voldo is the coolest thing since that bread he sliced.

User Info: Runite

8 years ago#23
WizMode story time.

I once cleared all the walls out of a level, dug the whole thing clean, magically darkened all of it, and dug holes on all but one horizontal row. Then I brought in a balrog, met it in the middle of the non-holed row, let him beat me into single-digit HP while also beating him into single-digit HP, and applied a wand of striking.

Pointless? Oh yeah. Fun? Kinda. Worth it? No.

User Info: estebum

8 years ago#24
Gandalf should have greased up. Actually grease would have helped the Fellowship in many situations.. greased hobbits gotta be tough to capture.

I'm starting to think the Greasers had the right idea. I bet you couldn't put those guys in a headlock for anything.
A chainsaw! Find some meat!

User Info: Runite

8 years ago#25
Methinks I detect Eidolos in disguise.
I wonder if anyone will get that joke.

User Info: ocelot51

8 years ago#26
Here's a good one:
I found exactly 7 candles lying on the floor on dungeon level 3. Good right? I took another step and died in a spiked pit.
Finally beat La Mulana! ^_^
Take that, Mom!

User Info: lf52

8 years ago#27
"The kobold shaman points at you, and curses. You feel wise!"

User Info: JoveHack

8 years ago#28
Just found a scroll lying outside a room in a corridor next to the outside of the room's wall. First thought is that it was a scroll of teleport in a closet with no door that accidentally had a side open.

But, there was another scroll on the square next to it. Oh, what is this? Another identical scroll. Two doorless closets each with a scroll of teleport, side by side and adjacent to a generated corridor.

Unique occasion, I imagine.
Jove the Sleep Depraved. Primal Wiki:

User Info: kawaiifan

8 years ago#29
*reads, and giggles* ^.^
and happy new year everyone!
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;

User Info: kawaiifan

8 years ago#30
*looks back* to where I wrote:
A good way to deal with a powerful domestic-type (cat, dog, or horse) animal that is threatening you (besides Elbereth), is to throw some food at it ^.^
If it's the right kind of food, the animal stops attacking you and instead becomes a new pet for you; if it's the wrong kind, at least the animal becomes peaceful, and won't kill you (barring conflict / confusion / etc.).

I even carry around a tin specifically for throwing at them, for when I want to make them peaceful instead of tame. ^.^

(How do you calm down an angry dog that's about to bite you?
Throw an unopened tin at it! ^.~ )
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;
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