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User Info: Runite

9 years ago#11
Oh, and one more for now:

It would be cool if the game enforced conducts. So before starting, you could decide to be...for example, an illiterate atheist weaponless vegan. Altars wouldn't flash, priests would ignore you, prayers would go unanswered. Trying to read things would give "You have no idea what that says." Trying to wield a weapon or weapon tool would work, but trying to attack a monster with it would be sure to miss (a pun on "never hit with a wielded weapon"...despite his best efforts to!). Eating non-vegan food would give "The very thought makes you ill." And it would, in my world, make you Ill - the same way Pestilence does. But it would probably just make you throw up and lose nutrition.

A Zen conduct would render your character permanently Blind, without needing a blindfold or towel.
Wishless would be simple. Trying to wish would always give nothing.
Foodless and Vegetarian would work just like Vegan.
Pacifist would block you from attacking monsters. It would treat an attempted attack as a failed pet displacement - "The mind flayer is in the way!"
Genocide attempts would always give "No, mortal! That will not be done!"
Items subjected to polymorph would always vanish.
Polyself attempts would always produce "You feel like a new foo!"...with unaltered stats.

It would preserve the real challenge of conducts, while eliminating the "oh bollocks I forgot to unequip my pickaxe" fake-difficulty.

User Info: majesticmystic

9 years ago#12
I highly doubt when someone eats a giant they would leave NOTHING behind. I have never eaten any myself in real life but I mean, if you're eating a chicken you're not eating everything of it from top to down, are you? I'd imagine a giant is much less edible parts. Maybe NetHack just didn't want to deal with leftovers like a bunch of other things such as partially eaten metallic armors and so on.
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User Info: honiberri

9 years ago#13
Samurai should be able to fold scrolls of blank paper into paper cranes (with success rate affected by BUC). Regardless of success, this destroys the scroll.

The server should keep track of the number of paper cranes created. Every 1000th paper crane should grant a Wish.
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User Info: Runite

9 years ago#14
Greased shoes should have a fumble effect, with each fumble wearing some of the grease off.

Greased gloves should have a "slippery fingers effect", with the grease wearing off after a few drops.

Greased weapons should slip and drop, with the grease wearing off after a few drops.

#wiping with a greased towel shouldn't work, and should blind you if you're unblind. Similarly, equipping a greased towel should leave your face slimed (as if cream-pied) after removal.

In general, grease doesn't do as much as it seems like it should.

User Info: GhostOfRazors

9 years ago#15
An easier way to used pole weapons.
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User Info: kawaiifan

9 years ago#16
Nice ideas everyone ^.^
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;

User Info: Lokarin

9 years ago#17
Faceless creatures should have a different message when hit with a cream pie.

Invisible creatures should "shimmer" if standing on a sink.

One of my favourite things from Castle of the Winds, an Identification store (They obviously would overcharge... but if I'm dripping in zorkmids I'd rather use it on SOMETHING). Maybe have the ID cost equal to half to full its purchase price (Since you have a thought on what it might be anyways and makes id'ing gems this way a poor idea)

Bones files for petrification should have a chance for a Stone to Flesh user to save them. On the short hand they might say "thanks" and waddle off in disgrace, maybe they could become a merc. If it was possible to implement, a way to continue an old save game if you happened to die from petrification to check to see if you are still a statue.

sidenote: I liked Blades of Exile, hadn't played any other ones.
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User Info: Primus_Ultimas

9 years ago#18

Not what you were expecting?

User Info: anticlimatic21

9 years ago#19
My buddy Rowan just had a good idea-- a shopping cart. Or just a cart with a hitch. A chest on wheels. Imagine the possibilities! Riding. Tying it to your pet. Tying it to your pet and riding it. Tying it to your pet and riding your pet. Dragging it around like an iron ball that you can attach and unattach. Haul around way more crap than a meager bag of would be like a stash-pile on wheels.

I think it's brilliant, I'd love to have one in the game.

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User Info: Runite

9 years ago#20
Funny you should mention that. My friend actually patched his game such that you could apply an iron chain at any given item and haul it around like an iron ball. Only problem is you can't unhitch it without a wand of opening/knock/polyselfing.
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