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User Info: BadassDangoo

9 years ago#1
An in-between form for lycanthropes. Not sure what the bonuses, if any, would be. Maybe just a chance for this to happen instead of going full wolf/rat/jackal so you keep all your stuff on.

Credit cards letting you use store credit at any shop. Maybe some have a random amount of credit in them already.

Magical hotspots: They act as traps, doing an amount of corresponding 'elemental' damage when moved on. (possibilities: fire, ice, lightning, poison, sleep, heal) However, you can also use them to imbue a weapon/armor piece with that element by dropping the item on the square and reading an uncursed or blessed scroll of enchant weapon or armor. The weapon will have gained no +s but will now have an elemental attack or resistance. You cannot imbue anything that's already imbued or an artifact. Weapons gain an amount of elemental damage/healing (or chance to poison/sleep) or chance the resist/regeneration rate (for armor) determined by the + value. Hotspots are as rare as altars and disappear when used once. Wizards have a slightly better chance of finding hotspots before walking on them than other classes.

The class Animal Tamer) I made in the create a class topic.

The ability to see the demigod bar after you ascend.

New race: Slithzerikai (Copyright: gives bonus to using pole weapons, fire resistance at XL 4 and +2 STR +2WIS Neutral or Chaotic only. Can be a Priest, Ranger, Barbarian, Wizard or Caveman.
Dual-Boomered Rang-A-Gun
-A Badass-Dangoo creation.

User Info: Runite

9 years ago#2
A glass wand has an effect if you apply it, but not if you throw it against a wall or hit it with a Force Bolt.

Lit potions of oil explode when thrown, but not when Force Bolted, or caught in another explosion.

Why do Neutrals get a murder penalty? They aren't Lawful; surely they wouldn't care if it was for a cause as important as Ascension.

Why is there no lightning Attack spell?

Why are most Healing spells so useless compared to easily-obtained items?

Shouldn't candy bars poison dogs?

Slash'EM already has daggers being poisonable; I think NetHack will have it next update (whenever that is >_>).

Some polyself details are missing. Many-armed monsters can't wear extra gloves and rings, for example.

I don't think it makes sense that a loadstone is the only item that can't be dropped if Cursed, but I can't think of a better way to handle that either. Maybe have loadstones be intrinsically undroppable unless Blessed, to produce a similar effect with better mimesis.

I personally think the Nutrition system is completely insane. Eating two whole giants, leaving nothing left behind, is possible (if hungry enough) for a dwarf, but eating three lembas wafers (which weigh the same amount as five wooden rings) can stuff you to death?

Knock should open doors, not just unlock them.

There are probably more little details which I think would be neat, but I can't remember them at the moment. Fun topic, though ^_^ I'll probably be back with more as I remember/think of them.

User Info: BadassDangoo

9 years ago#3
Lembas wafers can fill you quickly because in Lord of the Rings they were the magical, super-filling food of the elves, where one nibble was equal to a full meal or something.

Anyways, that's a lot of stuff I've never thought of before. Let's keep it coming!
Dual-Boomered Rang-A-Gun
-A Badass-Dangoo creation.

User Info: VexxStarStrider

9 years ago#4
wow! First time I've ever met an Avernum/Exile fan on Gamefaqs
Never know when you're gonna wake up boning- Michael Swaim

User Info: Runite

9 years ago#5
Dangoo: As if that makes sense either. What, does it magically expand inside you? If you put it in water, would it expand so that it was boat-sized? What if you just held it in your mouth, would your head blow up?

Just because something didn't make sense before, doesn't mean it will make sense when repeated =P

User Info: anticlimatic21

9 years ago#6
Lembas wafers as a mystical light-yet-filling food from lord of the rings makes just as much logical sense as 95% of everything else in the game. I suppose if it bothers you, you could avoid them. And any spellbooks. Most potions. Most artifact weapons. All the scrolls. Mithril armour....etc...etc....
"Thrown into a dungeon. Bread and water was my portion.
And faith, my only rest the Devil's Legion."

User Info: Runite

9 years ago#7
My problem is actually not with lembas, but with choking on lembas. If it's possible to swiftly choke to death on something portrayed as the size of a big cookie, shouldn't we be choking on basically anything ever?

I always understood lembas as being supernaturally nutritious and energizing, which is fine by me. But why does it have the magical ability to block windpipes? That seems like an odd enchantment to put on food.

User Info: Runite

9 years ago#8
I mean, yes, okay, magic. I can see the purpose of a Magic Mapping spell. Or a saber that prevents hallucination by the wielder. But why a +2 Snack of Killing You? What sort of twisted or incompetent wizard would decide that was a good plan?

If it's really got so many nutrients in it, you should just throw up if you eat too much of it.

And it should never be possible to consume a monster seven times your own size, leaving nothing behind. Imagine the gnome (weight 650) healer:

"Well, it's been a long time since I've eaten. By my reckoning, my stomach is entirely empty! Heyo, here's a dead white dragon (weight 4500).


Well, that was filling. I am completely satiated. Good thing I ate the skeleton big enough to make a house out of, otherwise maybe I would still have had room for eight ounces of bread. But NOW if I eat even a killer bee (weight 1), I'll die instantly, so I'd better be careful. Unless I jump back and forth a few times, then I'll be ready for another dragon."

The whole nutrition system is completely broken.

User Info: BadassDangoo

9 years ago#9
It's not broken. It's magic.

A possibility of turning into a zombie when killed by zombies would be cool.
Dual-Boomered Rang-A-Gun
-A Badass-Dangoo creation.

User Info: Runite

9 years ago#10
Applying a can of grease > to grease the floor, making it produce a fumble effect like ice (but unable to melt).

Attempting to #invoke, put on, Wear or wield an artifact that evades your grasp should end with the artifact on the ground.

Allow for multiple conversions (instead of only one), but never a conversion to a god you've already turned your back on.

Murder should apply to same-race if lawful race - essentially, add dwarves to the murder list, but only if the player is a dwarf. Humans are murder only if the player is a lawful human. I see no reason for a chaotic elf to be subject to human laws.

I think it would be funny if entering k. produced "What a dumb thing to do." and caused 1 HP of damage. (Because you "kick yourself", both figuratively and literally.)

A certain level of burden should be insta-death. A giant carrying boulders (which are, for some reason, weightless to giants) who suddenly turns into a newt shouldn't drop twenty boulders near itself, it should be crushed to death by its twenty boulders.

Speaking of boulders, why can I roll a boulder over a black dragon corpse (again, weight 4500), but not over a living newt? A little consistency would be nice. Maybe if the other square has more than a certain amount of weight in it (the greater my strength plus con, the higher the threshold) past which the boulder can't be pushed onto the square. A much lower weight threshold would obtain for monsters (so anything humanoid and bigger would push back and stop you), but newts and lichens would be crushed to death, leaving nothing (as if they were drawbridged).

In fact, shouldn't rolling a boulder over a bottle of wine break the wine? Shouldn't rolling it over an orange pulp the orange?

And going back to my old glass wands idea: It would be a big reason not to kick chests. "THUD! You hear a muffled shatter. You are caught in the ball of cold!"

A Force Bolt hitting you should shatter crystal plate mail. Similarly, a wand of polymorph zapping you should polymorph your inventory.

Allow us to jump into areas we can't see, stop us short if we intersect something. Monsters bumped into get an "attack of opportunity" of sorts.

Beholders seem like a lot of potential fun.

Throwing or firing a towel at a monster should blind it and negate its gaze attack, unless it misses. "You throw the towel over the floating eye."

Similarly, #dipping a towel into water could produce a joke weapon. Fixed 1 damage, non-metal (so no Puddingsbane potential), unenchantable, uses the Bullwhip proficiency. I'm actually a bit surprised the "wet towel" thing hasn't made it to NetHack yet =P
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