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User Info: nybes83

9 years ago#21
The first demon lord was almost certainly summoned hostile by an accidental same-race sacrifice. The player would probably have engraved an Elbereth and tried to kill it. Meanwhile, the demon lord would be summoning buddies every few turns, including another demon lord.

The player probably had no source of permanent Elbereth - he would have been relying on dust engraving. He unwisely decided to melee the demon horde, degrading his Elbereth. His Elbereth eroded, he got beaten up to the point where his best chance of survival was to do an uncontrolled teleport - scroll of teleportation or wand of teleportation. He ported out into the midst of the puddings, who finished him off.

User Info: Runite

9 years ago#22
Testing in Wizard Mode, it seems Juiblex and Yeenoghu are the only major demons you can summon with same-race sacrificing; after that, it's just generic demons. Which is even stranger, because I don't think Juiblex and Yeenoghu can summon...can they?

User Info: Runite

9 years ago#23

I was doing well. Solid Monk, almost at the Castle. Wished for the Eye, and was slinging Magic Missiles, Identify, Extra Healing. Vegan intact. Then died to "trickery", to a BONES FILE I got through Hearse, which someone had apparently tampered with. YAY!!

User Info: zgoat17

9 years ago#24
I'm 99% sure Juiblex and Yeenoghu can summon. Too lazy to look it up ATM.
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User Info: Runite

9 years ago#25
I just spent 4000 turns leaning on S in Wizard Mode (sitting on a burned Elbereth). Yeenoghu and Juiblex waltzed around me in terror of my Elbereth, and summoned nothing. Maybe it's just very rare?

User Info: sephka2

9 years ago#26
I've checked the spoilers on this one.

Indeed, it is only Jubilex and Yeenoghu who can be called by same-race sacrifices, and generic demons after that. However, it states that all major demons (except incubi, succubi and balrogs) will summon some help on every 1/13 turns. The demon summoned depends on the caster's level.

Jubilex and Yeenoghu summon regular demons 93% of the time, the other of the pair 5% of the time, and a demon prince (Orcus or Demogorgon!) 2% of the time. Be thankful Demogorgon didn't show up in the bones file.

Not sure why your wizard testing didn't work - maybe the demons can't summon while fleeing.

Also, it may have been in a different thread, but I recall someone running into Jubilex after summoning a water demon by mistake - this is also possible. Another reason to be careful around fountains.

User Info: Runite

9 years ago#27
Maybe the summon counts as an "attack", and they couldn't attack me in melee. That makes sense.


User Info: KCGemini

9 years ago#28
Once on a Rogue I had a lot of quite good items after my trip from Mine's End/Sokoban. (Amulet of Reflection, 3 Bags of Holding, {found 2 after Sokoban, ironically enough} Boots of Speed, Helmet of Brilliance, Mjolnir (heh) and a couple of magic markers)

On floor 16, I find a military barrack. After attacking one of the soldiers, he precedes to read a cursed scroll of create monster. One of the monsters summoned beside me was a yellow light, which I attempted to kill but became blinded. After applying a unicorn horn to remove the blindness, a wood nymph stole my AoR. I precede to continue to kill the soldiers/other enemies until....

The sergeant zaps a hexagonal wand. The death ray hits the soldier. The death ray hits you.

If only I had telepathy, which is odd because I usually get it by then.
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User Info: kawaiifan

9 years ago#29
Ouch *cries for the unfortunate characters* ;.;

Man I wish I could get hearse on my Apple computer, but alas I don't think it's possible.

Looking around the Hearse site, I found a few mentions of Mac OS X -- maybe it is available?

Then died to "trickery", to a BONES FILE I got through Hearse, which someone had apparently tampered with.

Please tell Hearse's maintainer about this, so that the tampered bones file can be deleted before it ruins other playthroughs?
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;

User Info: majesticmystic

9 years ago#30
That's one of the reason why I don't use Hearse. Other people's bones files can get WAY too ridiculous and own an otherwise good game. The other reason is that I just plain don't like bones, but that's another story for another day.
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