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User Info: trevlyn13

14 years ago#11
My best character just died because he choked on a gunyoki. I just wanted to make sure he had enough to eat.....
It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

User Info: MasterGakke

14 years ago#12
^Being satiated is bad. Every time you attack while satiated your con is abused.
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User Info: Beer_Hunter

14 years ago#13
Someone suggested staying away from the moat. This is because of giant eels, which can grab you ("The giant eel swings itself around you!") and then insta-kill you on their next turn by drowning you. There are some other ways to avoid them:

- Wear an oilskin cloak. If an eel tries to grab you, it won't be able to hold on. Greasing any other cloak will have a similar effect, but grease has a chance to wear off after protecting you from a grabbing attack.

- Wear an amulet of magical breathing. This allows you to breathe underwater. (Your inventory will get wet, but oilskin sacks are waterproof. If you can find one, put your stuff in it before going into water.) By the way, magical breathing also prevents death by choking.

- Use a blessed scroll of genocide on ";" (but watch out for couatls.)

User Info: AsterAzul

14 years ago#14
The number one trick to beating Nethack is having a low AC. Easy to say, hard to do. You're AC should be at least -20 before you go to beat the game.

If you're very lucky (and clever), you'll get a wish at some point. The best thing to wish for is probably a "blessed rustproof +2 grey dragon scale mail"
The scale mail will reduce your AC to about -2, give you magic protection, and prevent you from getting polymorphed into anything other than a grey dragon.
The easiest ways to get wishes are to: quaff from fountains in the upper dungeon levels (dangerous, unleashes unfriendly water demons) or find magic lamps. To find a magic lamp, first find any old lamp. Get a few potions of water (dip normal potions in fountains, dangerous), drop them on an alter and pray. This will bless the potions (if you're in it good with god.) Dip the lamp into the holy water until it's blessed. Rub it a few times. If no genie comes out, it's normal. #call the lamp "mundane" or something similar. Now everytime you find a lamp, check it out. If it's called mundane, chuck it. If it's not, it's a magic lamp. Bless it, rub it, and you'll get a wish.

The other pieces of armor are somewhat important (cloak, boots, gloves, shirt, helmet) but nothing compares to the grey dragon scale mail.

The other thing you'll want is a blessed magic marker, with which to write blessed scrolls of enchant armor. There are two ways to get one (besides being a lucky ******* and finding one.)
1. Wish for it
2. Find a wand of polymorph, polymorph unicorn horns (collect 'em, pile 'em, and zap 'em with one shot) Your odds are terrible, but success is wonderful.
Use your blessed marker (dip it in holy water) on blank scrolls and write blessed enchant armor scrolls. Enchant your grey dragon scale mail first, then other armor items as you see fit. Reading an enchant armor scroll while confuse will repair armor from being rusted, rotted, or burned.

You can also get AC bonuses by donating to priests, whether their priests of your god or not. Just donate 400*(your level) in gold. Your best bet is to wait until about tenth character level, when you can get down to about the 20th level of the dungeon safely, and then spend your piles of cash on priests (4000 gold will buy you -1 AC each time.)

There's also countless other little tricks and such to keep in mind, which you'll figure out as you go along. It's a mad, mad game ^_^

User Info: TimEnchanter

14 years ago#15
Do amulets of water breathing let you breathe water permanently when you eat them? I know that some do.
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User Info: Beer_Hunter

14 years ago#16
Sure, you can get intrinsic magical breathing by eating the amulet (so long as you're polymorphed into something that can eat it). From memory, it's a 1/3 chance, but you get to keep it when you polymorph back.

User Info: AsterAzul

14 years ago#17
Tourists suck so much :P

Trying to ascend one. It makes me sad.

User Info: TheFloater

14 years ago#18
I have yet to ascend. The furthest I have gotten was the level in Gehennom with the Vibrating Square. I was getting ready to enter the Wizard's Tower, but got killed (I forget how).

User Info: Stupido

14 years ago#19
I stopped playing Nethack when i found Maple, but iirc, i'm near vibrating square and my wiz is stuck on saddle...
MS IGN: Frostbolt (61 ice/lit wiz), StarSlayer(2x warrior), StrBandit (3x thief)

User Info: Megarpggal2002

14 years ago#20
I've never ascended. The character that's gotten furthest wound up with teleportitis, and is busy looking for a tengu in hopes of eating its corpse and getting teleport control.
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