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User Info: blane

14 years ago#1
I know these kind of topics suck. BUT there is still one funny thing...

...when you scream in panic each time you look on your screen, visualizing oncoming doom, before realizing you are looking at your email address.

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User Info: RuNe9000

14 years ago#2
When you are scared to drink out of the water fountains at school for fear of unleashing water demons.
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User Info: Pervan

14 years ago#3
When you are afraid to eat food that's been sitting out more than ten minutes.
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User Info: dolphinbomb

14 years ago#4
You think that by praying, you can instantaneously bring yourself to full health and cure starvation when you're on the brink of death.
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User Info: blane

14 years ago#5
each time you hear an unknwon noise you secretly hope your cat has just been transformed into something cool and/or scary.
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User Info: Megarpggal2002

14 years ago#6
-You bend paper clips into the shapes NEthack uses for its weapon symbols, and expect the paper clip to work like the weapon does.
-...you engrave artifact names on said paper clips.

-You leave a bag full of stuff on one floor of the house(or whatever building you're in) and expect it to remain untouched when you return

-You hesitate to kick sinks in fear of releasing black puddings, water demons, incubi, succubi...
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User Info: kawaiifan

14 years ago#7
... when, wherever you go, you always carry around a couple of dead lizards just in case. ^.^;

User Info: MasterGakke

14 years ago#8
You pray whenever you're sick and are mad at your god for not curing you.
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User Info: nakkanoodle

14 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: nakkanoodle

14 years ago#10
... when you carry a big bag with you at all times; and whenever you see any books or bottles or pieces of paper, you grab them and put them in your bag. ^.^;
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