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User Info: UngodlyOne

14 years ago#41
-Can't uncurse your lodestone that's overtaxing you? Polymorph it.

This doesn't actually work, but nice try anyway!
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User Info: Pervan

14 years ago#42
Ah. I'm not sure whether silver arrows actually do INSTANTLY kill. I may have just done enough damage with them every time that the were-creatures died.
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User Info: Chaytel

14 years ago#43
Yes, you can polymorph your lodestone. How did you attempt it?
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User Info: Stormlock

14 years ago#44
Why polymorph into a tiger when you can polymorph into a Marilith or Silver Dragon (Or for Slash'em: Diamond Golem. 270 Hp, with inherent reflection, magic resist, no breathing and shoots magic missiles)

And I've never tried this, but it should work:

Donate all the money you have to a priest to get protection and whatnot, then let your pet murder him and take your gold back. Then revive the corpse with a /oUndead Turning, and do it all over again.
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User Info: GhostOfRazors

14 years ago#45
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User Info: Beer_Hunter

14 years ago#46
There seems to be a bit of incorrect/incomplete information since my previous post. Perhaps there are some things different in Slash'EM, but here are the facts for regular NetHack:

#1: You can get an AC bonus by donating to a peaceful priest of any alignment — even a priest of Moloch. Details here:
#2: Naming a weapon of the correct type as an artifact only works for Sting and Orcrist. You can always create these two by naming the right weapon, so long as the artifact doesn't exist yet.
#3: If your god crowns you, you will only get Vorpal Blade if you're neutral. If you're chaotic, you'll get Stormbringer; and if you're lawful, you'll get Excalibur if you're wielding a long sword. It's actually a little more complicated:
#4: Lizard corpses do not cure poisoning, but they do cure stoning. Potions of acid and acidic corpses also cure stoning.
#5: Carrying a lizard corpse only affects the chances of getting stoned during a full moon. (Yes, the game actually calculates the phase of the moon and adjusts accordingly.)
#6: On sacrificing unicorns: it is a bad idea to sacrifice a unicorn either of your own alignment or of the altar's alignment.
#7: Praying for unholy water will anger your god, eliminating any divine AC bonuses. Make sure you have the ability to please your god afterwards (by sacrificing strong monsters to your god). (Note that pleasing your god won't restore your AC bonus.)
#8: Silver arrows don't instantly kill were-creatures, but they do a lot more damage.
#9: Throwing gems at unicorns won't always increase your luck. See here and search for "throwing gems":
#10: It's spelt 'loadstone', damnit! It's one of the game's puns.
#11: Yes, you can polymorph a loadstone with a potion of polymorph.

Another useful trick for all of you: look for rings of Increase Damage. You can empower them with blessed scrolls of charging (though they have a chance of exploding when you do so). In my previous game, I wore two +6 rings of increase damage, and I had a large supply of +7 daggers. Furthermore, I was able to throw three daggers in one turn, and frequently had multiple turns to the enemies' one...

Finally, you can use a stethoscope on a monster to see how many hit points it has.

User Info: Megarpggal2002

14 years ago#47
-Lizard and Lichen corpses never go bad, although they do become too old to sacrifice
-You can use a stethoscope once a turn without using up your turn, regardless of how fast you are. Using it more than once a turn takes up the turn.
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User Info: RuNe9000

14 years ago#48
What does using a stethescope do for you? I've never used one before just wondering.
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User Info: MasterGakke

14 years ago#49
It tells you status effects and such. You can use it on pets. I think maybe it gives HP, too? I haven't used one in a while.
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User Info: OrpheanBeholder

14 years ago#50
Yes, it shows the HP, and that is the main use of it... only use perhaps :) (maybe the alignment message is useful though?)
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