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User Info: Darkling183

2 years ago#201
PIM-001 posted...
Well yeah...then i guess i have that fetish as well...
On the basis of just KLS, or due to other reasons as well? I think I was a lost cause as soon as I read Flowers in the Attic when I was about fifteen.

Grape? I thought you're going to crown me with a wreath made of parnassus =))
The oniichan gets to have a grape as a reward, and only one. =P

BookwormDolaDe posted...
If the lolicon finds children sexually attractive, where's the difference to being a pedophile?
I think the difference is pretty much that a pedophile, by definition, will look at a child and think "that's what I want; it's my primary sexual desire", whereas a lolicon will look at a child and think "I find that attractive, but I am perfectly happy not engaging in sexual acts with a child" (ie, it's a preference, not a compulsion).

I'm just saying that there's a difference in the psychiatric definition of a pedophile as opposed to a lolicon.

As I said, I don't think all pedophiles necessarily like being sexually attracted to children or idolise them. The ones who don't are probably the ones who kidnap and abuse children, with no respect for the child as a person. It's just a pedophile's nature to desire children sexually. Affection for children is completely independent of that.

Basically, I think there's room for an infinite number of shades of grey here. The only distinction between lolicon and pedophile is the psychological compulsion on the part of the pedophile.

You can have the well-meaning lolicon who adores children but would never do anything to hurt them. Or you can have the lolicon who is so enamored of children that s/he doesn't see the harm in engaging in sexual behaviour with them. (I think Michael Jackson was one of these.)

You can have the pedophile who kidnaps children and abuses them with no qualms. You can have the pedophile who resists their sexual leanings all their life and purposely never goes anywhere near a child. You can have the pedophile who adores children but never abuses any of them. Or you can have the pedophile who adores children and does abuse them.

No matter what the scenario, though, child abuse is a crime, no matter how you look at it.

Okay, now I've confused even myself. =/

User Info: BookwormDolaDe

2 years ago#202
A pedophile certainly feels some sort of compulsion which attracts him to children. But at the same time there's no compulsion to abuse a child or not; there's still the freedom of choice if I want to control my desires or if I want to give in to them. The attraction is something the pedophile can't do anything about, but it's his choice how he acts on feeling that attraction.

There are probably many pedophiles who are unhappy with their inclination and wish they could be just like the other, "normal" people around them. And even for a pedophile who comes to terms with his inclination and accepts it as a part of his personality, it's surely difficult to be completely happy knowing that there's no way for him to enter into a lasting partnership or to find sexual fulfilment ever.

So the sexual attraction to children is it what makes a pedophile. A lolicon, on the other hand, is somebody who idolizes the innocent and youthful beauty of children, but he doesn't necessarily feel sexually attracted to them. If he does, he's a pedophile, too. That's why I think that pedophiles are a subgroup of lolicons. They all feel attracted to children, but only for the pedophiles the attraction is necessarily also a sexual one.

And I don't think there's a way I could abuse something I adore so much, no matter if there's a sexual attraction. So for a pedophile to abuse a child it takes either a lack of love or a lack of understanding.

User Info: Darkling183

2 years ago#203
BookwormDolaDe posted...
That's why I think that pedophiles are a subgroup of lolicons. They all feel attracted to children, but only for the pedophiles the attraction is necessarily also a sexual one.
Okay, let's dump the word 'attraction' and put it this way:

* A lolicon enjoys / admires the cute and innocent nature of children. This may or may not extend to wanting to be sexually intimate with children.

* A pedophile feels a compulsive sexual desire towards children. They lust for children, but don't necessarily feel any sort of sentimental attachment to them.

That's why I don't think being a pedophile has to be a subset of being a lolicon.

To quote Wikipedia again (better bring two rounds, Pim):
In popular usage, the word pedophilia is often applied to any sexual interest in children or the act of child sexual abuse. This use conflates the psychological conditional of being sexually attracted to prepubescent children with the criminal act of child sexual abuse <snip>

Researchers recommend that these imprecise uses be avoided because although people who commit child sexual abuse sometimes exhibit the disorder, child sexual abuse offenders are not pedophiles unless they have a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children, and the literature indicates the existence of pedophiles who do not molest children.

Therefore, a lolicon who commits child sexual abuse is not a pedophile. They are a perpetrator of 'child sexual abuse'.

User Info: PIM-001

2 years ago#204
Yaay i'm not a pedophile!

Hey two rounds? For you, my friend, i'll bring a whole HP box =))
Besides what's with quoting wikipedia? I knew that it's not perfect but's the Messiah of college students =P

User Info: Darkling183

2 years ago#205
Cool, thanks, but I really just need a double-tap to the head. =)

In more snobbish circles (eg academia), Wikipedia is frowned upon as a source of information because it's crowd-sourced and can contain inaccuracies. Basically, on most discussion boards, if you try to quote Wikipedia to prove a point, people will just laugh you off.

User Info: PIM-001

2 years ago#206
Yeah i knew that for academias wikipedia's not that good (i read medical/science articles there and noticed a lot of errors, or maybe i'm just an idiot)
But please note that college students are not academias. Most just want to get over it as soon as f'in possible.

Double tap? Well i do have a pickaxe in my uncle's storage somewhere...

User Info: Darkling183

2 years ago#207
A double-tap is when a shooter fires two rounds into the same location. With hollowpoints, it might not be as necessary, but still, better safe than sorry. =)

User Info: PIM-001

2 years ago#208
Oh really? I just knew that.
Well yes, hollow points are devastating enough as it is. Or do you want me to change the caliber to 80mm? Guaranteed to blow you up to nirvana =)) i started to sound like a drug dealer, ain't i?

User Info: Darkling183

2 years ago#209
LOL, 9mm is fine with me. Don't want people to have to be mopping bits of me off the walls and floor for days afterwards. =)

User Info: PIM-001

2 years ago#210
Well you better. They aren't being paid nearly enough to sweep your sticky body off the streets, mate =))
...but the again, it's not like i could buy weapons from here, short off the black market and crafting it by nyself.

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