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User Info: isorukinuta

2 years ago#1
I recently bought Kana from the Jast website, and installed it. When I try to start it, the screen goes black and the "Kana Imouto is not responding" screen comes up. I tried it in windowed mode, tried it in compatability mode, and tried running it as an admin, and all combinations of the 3. Nothing works, and I would love to get this VN up and running again. Any help?

User Info: NeutralDrow

2 years ago#2
What OS are you running? I keep hearing about people having trouble with visual novels in general in Windows 10.

Not much of a computer person, myself, but this might also help?

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User Info: TheRealZ3ro

2 years ago#3
And as more OS continue to come out, my troubleshooting page only becomes even more outdated. D=
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