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User Info: Darkling183

4 years ago#11
Huh, that's rather interesting premise in Wolfson's stories. Does one need much knowledge of the other characters that appear in them though
Well, Casual Romance Club isn't a very in-depth game. It's literally a dating sim, where you attend afternoon meetings at the 'Casual Romance Club' and choose which girls you want to talk to. If you focus your attention on a girl and choose the right topics of conversation, eventually you'll start dating and a relationship will develop. Each of the girls is a particular 'type' - athletic, musical, artistic, bookish, etc - but there are twelve of them, so none of them is particularly well-explored, character-wise. So I don't think you'd have much trouble keeping up with what was going on in Wolfson's stories.

That doujin is a nice retelling of Ending 2. But wait, isn't that the same girl who has a bunch of those in her Youtube channel
Yes, that was something I found out when Bookworm and I started working on it. She had a large number of KLS fan comics on her website, and had started turning them into animated Flash videos. The one that Bookworm and I chose was one of her earlier works; I first came across it at the (now defunct) KLS fansite Kana's Left Kidney, which was the site that actually convinced me to buy and play the game, all those years ago.

Looking for Kana's Eyes... wow, that truly is something I've long forgotten. I do recall there were other collabs that were made and failed? Or made and incomplete?
Yes, Looking for Kana's Eyes was one of three WAFFOs (Write a Fun Fanfic Online) that we attempted at The Anime Place. The first one was a case of 'too many cooks spoil the broth' (or rather 'one cook wants to make bouillabaise while everyone else wants to make chicken noodle') and ended when no-one knew what to do with the constant monkey wrenches being thrown into the plot by the odd cook out. The other one was a KLS / Crescendo crossover that also eventually ran out of steam.

There were some other small KLS fanfics at TAP that I regret having lost - there was an utterly surreal one where Taka becomes a ninja and embarks on a quest of vengeance (either to rescue Kana or to avenge her; I forget which), and a rather nice one written by Bookworm that explored Taka's relationship with Yumi in the wake of Ending 1.

KLS has been a big part of my life for years now, both personally and creatively. While I consider myself to be 'over' Kana and the sadness of her death, she's still important to me.

User Info: JPop4Life

4 years ago#12
Yes, Looking for Kana's Eyes was one of three WAFFOs (Write a Fun Fanfic Online) that we attempted at The Anime Place.

Wow... WAFFO and TAP. I had long forgotten we had a little home there was well. And as for the sillyness named WAFFO, all of it is flowing back to me:

~Sugar baaaaaaby love Kuchibiru ni namida no rouge

I believe the chef was Voldemort, if I'm not mistaken.

KLS has been a big part of my life for years now, both personally and creatively. While I consider myself to be 'over' Kana and the sadness of her death, she's still important to me.

True, true words there Darkling. I couldn't have said it any differently myself... maybe with a couple of English errors.

User Info: Hikaru-Mamoru

4 years ago#13
D***, I swear I posted this before. Board eat my post! Anyway...

Hello Neutral Drow, Nice to meet you!

Well, I believe that regardless of our personal interpretations of things like Ending 1, of wheter we prefer the Normal routes or the Intellectual ones, of which ever we consider our personal favorite ending, we all here are united by something much greater.

We all came to loved Kana, wanted to protect her and give her a better life. We all share variations ofthe same deeply emotional journey. We share the various losses, the heartbreaking moments and thewarm memories of the time we got to spend with her, Kana, the eternal little sister of each and everyone of us here.

Throught our bonds with Kana we are also bond to each other. Most of us may not know each other personally (with the obvious exception of Z3ro and JPop)but throught her, you might say we are practically brothers (again obvious exception)

So it is here that I would also like to thank you guys. This the most wondeful community ever and
I am proud to finally be a part of it!

Hi JPop, it's a pleasure to meet you too! I am glad that I got to meet all there of you now.

Well, then thank you Darkling for bring him back here!

Regarding the songs, well there are not many truly happy songs in KLS's soundtrack, but the vocal
Believe and The Tree on the Street at Sunset are probably the most memorable among the few of them. I am pretty sure 'dramatic emotional change one' is Sacrifice and the music box is obviously
For you (music box version). I hope that helped.

Yeah, The First Farewell will always be the trickiest KLS-related subject matter to discuss. It is now
clearly to me that it was deliberately left quite ambiguous, even if I myself have made peace with it
and reached the same conclusion as Neutral Drow.

Well, the 'raising feeling' was clearly something I got, and I think we all felt a variation of it at some point. But regardless of that, what matters is the core of our relationship with her, like you described. Not that much time has passed for me and I am not nowhere near the point of having a
child myself, so I wouldn't know how those things would change my perspective upon it.

Yes, I think 'the whole world against us ' pretty much sums up our experience with Kana, but inside
and outside the game. So I would also like to believe that I would indeed love someone until the
very bitter end if such a situation ever came to pass.

Well, like I said, I felt I finally needed to tell someone who would understand me. Like Drow said, this the only place on Earth I would ever the courage of expressing such feelings. Kana is an experience you can probably only truly comprehend from witnessing it first hand and feeling it, after all.

Thank you for the advice. I have come to peace with The First Farewell, so I feel that if I ever come to indeed write something, it will be to deal with my feelings regarding Memories, the other ending closest my heart.

Also hey, don't forget Taka. We all may pretty much integrate ourselves into his place, but he is still
a separate entity. But yeah, F*** you Yuuta! Never really liked that guy much either.

Ok then Darkling, I guess I should have guessed that from the title. I will try to get around to read
those eventually.

That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming it though. It is shame the rest of those are untranslated. I don't know any Japanese either.

Some of those stories really sound like it was shame to lose then. I would have loved to have read
that post Ending 1 in particular. The worse thing is that unlike other Kana fansites, It was actually
around until not a long time ago and I could have read them. DX

User Info: Hikaru-Mamoru

4 years ago#14
Yeah Darkling and JPop, truer words have never been spoken. The depression may have lifted,
the stinging sadness may faded, the lingering heartache may have lessened, but Kana still obviously has a huge effect on me. KLS may be called an utsuge, but after the sadness has passed, what is left in me are the tender, warm memories and my eternal brotherly love for my
adored little sister. That is something can never be forgotten.

User Info: Darkling183

4 years ago#15
One of my favourite songs from the KLS soundtrack is "How Do You Feel?" - that and "I Can't Live WIthout Her" are the two that spring to mind when I think of 'happy'-sounding music from KLS. I really like "The Tree on the Street at Sunset", too - probably because I associate it with two moments from the game that I find especially poignant.

I'm glad that you felt you were able to come here and express your thoughts about the game, Hikaru. The KLS fan community may not be large, but it's a welcoming one, and we're happy to have you aboard. =)

I'm still in contact with Bookworm, so I asked him to send me a copy of his fanfic. I've put it up at Kana Little Fanfics, though I have to correct my earlier mistake and specify that his story (Real Love) is a non-Ending 1 story (ie it takes place after Kana has passed away). Sorry about any confusion there.


User Info: Hikaru-Mamoru

4 years ago#16
Well, there is no way I could not consider "The Tree on the Street at Sunset" as one of my favorite
tracks in KLS. I mean, the song associated with little Kana saying ''Bro, I love you"? That's pretty damn perfect for me!

I am happy to be aboard too Darkling! =D

Yes, this is most definitely a tight-knitted, welcoming and dedicated community. I am really glad I finally took the courage to come over and join you guys!

I am glad you and Bookworm were able to salvage Real Love. Don't worry about the confusion. Non-Ending 1 continuation fics are important too. Up until now there was only Kana: Welcome Home
up and running online as an example of those. That is one of the reason I want to write a Memories
continuation fic. I want to explore that side of the experience more.
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