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User Info: Zap0

4 years ago#11
Imageshack and I went through a breakup some time back. >_>

Understandable. That was the first service I ever used too, but not for too long. Are you going to replace all images? That'd be quite some work, especially if you don't have them readily available. Some youtube links for music are broken too, btw.

Not exactly sure where, but I read that VN's make up 70% of the Japanese games market. They are that big of a thing over there!? I understand there are barriers in form of culture and language, but what are the remaining 30% of video games over there? Nintendo? Regardless of just how accurate this figure is, I assumed they weren't that big of a deal over there. One could bring up the debate of wheather they're games at all, but regardless of semantics, it doesn't change what they are.

User Info: NeutralDrow

4 years ago#12
Hikaru-Mamoru posted...
I have to admit that I haven't played any VNs in a while. Do you guys have some recommendations for

My usual top recommendations are Tsukihime, A Drug That Makes You Dream, Kanon (my Big Three), Fate/Stay Night, Symphonic Rain, and Katawa Shoujo. I'm considering adding Da Capo to that list.

Zap0 posted...
It must be interesting to be able to revisit them this way. It makes sense to do this if you're writing reviews, but doesn't it take a long time? May that be part of the reason why you've not finished as many as you've started in the more recent past?

Doesn't take appreciably longer at a time. Maybe it does in aggregate, since it took me a month to finish Katawa Shoujo, but the result's worth it.

No, my slowed pace is due primarily to the fact that I only play VNs at night, and less time for gaming overall (a consequence of graduating and stress) means I have trouble focusing on any one. It's not just VNs that suffer that, my list of any games I've started but not finished is daunting, but those games still sometimes take up nighttime.
Earlier scripts seem to have dealt with pregnancy and suicide, but the writers have managed without in the end. I suppose a simple love story would be boring without a conflict to overcome, or have all the more impact because of it.

I've read about some of the beta versions of the Katawa Shoujo stories, and thank my lucky stars it went the lighter route. Some of the things I've heard about the bad endings that did make it in are bad enough, and considering the kind of relations I built with the characters, something over-the-top dark would have been horribly unnerving. I was shaken enough by the Manly Picnic ending...
Now I'm not quite sure what to make of this statement. Guess I'll have to find out! Moved it up from medium priority to high in my wishlist :-)

It's one of those games I can't talk much about with someone who hasn't finished (though I will say, I was looking for something light and fluffy...that's not what I got). Even mentioning some of the emotions it invoked are laden with spoilers. I will say that it managed at least one emotion that no other VN has done to me so far.

Sadly, it's also a game where I lost most of my notes. Somehow overwrote them while making my review while saving in Notepad. The only things I managed to salvage were my notes taken during Fal's route, which luckily was the one I'd have been saddest to lose. And I still have my screenshots, which make up for some of it...though they're lacking a good amount of what I felt. I only saved a few images of Grave, for instance, and certainly nothing to indicate the level of bile I felt towards that slime, or exactly why.

Understandable. That was the first service I ever used too, but not for too long. Are you going to replace all images? That'd be quite some work, especially if you don't have them readily available. Some youtube links for music are broken too, btw.

Luckily, Imgur has been there to comfort me, and doesn't require signing up to use. And it'd be some work, but only because it's around five images each for a dozen or so reviews. I still have all of the images saved (and the hundreds more I didn't use).

Actually, the real problem is that The Escapist changed the way their UBB codes worked at some point. The alt text still works, but the inline images are all screwed up now, and don't seem to take captions.
Not exactly sure where, but I read that VN's make up 70% of the Japanese games market.

I would be truly astonished if that were the case, even taking All Ages VNs into account.
"Oh man, we're in trouble!"
"Don't worry. The worst that can happen is we all die."

User Info: Hikaru-Mamoru

4 years ago#13
Well, besides obsviously having played KLS, I have also played Clannad, Katawa Shoujo, Fate/Stay night and Princess Waltz.

User Info: virumor

4 years ago#14
I've read that VNs make up 80% of erotic content created in Japan - and we're talking about a country where roughly 4,000 adult videos are released every month.

User Info: NeutralDrow

3 years ago#15
Clearing out my Youtube "Watch Later" list, and wondering where I even found half this stuff. Stumbled on this thing, though...


"Clannad VS. Eminem"

Slightly non-indicative title, since it's actually more along the lines of "Unlimited Slam Works" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgtxb9yBggc). Makes me wish I'd played Clannad already, though at least I've already listened to Dango Daikazoku (repeatedly, enough to know most of the lyrics).
"Oh man, we're in trouble!"
"Don't worry. The worst that can happen is we all die."

User Info: Zap0

3 years ago#16
I may be posting old news here, but I stumbled upon a preorder for Kana ~ Okaeri today on JAST.


I'm not sure if they only sell translated stuff, or if they allow you to preorder a japanese download for which they just got the rights. The former would be amazing, unless I missed something and it has already been translated.
Now, they also announce it as a remake. I was under the impression that Okaeri was a side story or alternative timeline that was only released in Japan.
Regardless of there being unreleased content in it, I hope they'll release a boxed version so I have something to enshrine :-)

User Info: Zap0

3 years ago#17
Been a while since the last post again here.

The Fate/Hollow Ataraxia patch has been officially released today:


They have been at 100% completion of the translation for a while, but did a lot of quality control and editing it seems. There has also been a trailer for a PS Vita version of Hollow Ataraxia that comes out next thursday which is supposed to have at least two new animated openings and four new/remastered soundtracks:


I heard there are plans to do a realta-nua-like integration project for these.

User Info: NeutralDrow

3 years ago#18
Finally have the opportunity to play some more of Fate/Hollow. Now maybe I won't get distracted by Don't Starve, or FTL, or any of the games I bought during the sale... >_>

In other news, it's amazing the things you can find totally at random. Was in Bakersfield visiting family for Thanksgiving, went to a small comic shop that's my 12 and 10 year-old cousins' favorite place in the world...


Wonders for my Type-Moon collection, and for maybe half the price they'd be at Comic Con. o_O
"Oh man, we're in trouble!"
"Don't worry. The worst that can happen is we all die."

User Info: Zap0

3 years ago#19
You like Hollow Ataraxia so far? It seems a lot of people have picked it up now that it's "officially" translated, but I've only seen so many people saying they enjoyed the SoL stuff as much as I did.

Since my last visit here I've (finally) finished ef - a fairy tale of the two, which was nice. Turned out it was a little better in the end then I originally gave it credit for.

But I just now finished Steins;Gate. I can see why people hold it in such high regard, now. At first I wasn't sure what it was going to be like with the different art style you'd sometimes see from it. I ended up liking how it was different, though. And how it was grounded in a fairly relatable enviroment with referencing a bunch of internet memes and Otaku culture. And how it was the first ever VN that doesn't have a high school setting. And the time travel stuff, as sci-fi fan I dig that stuff. And it had pretty much everything I could ask for from time travel.
I assumed it would be more action-laden and built on suspense as opposed to romance, which wasn't wrong. But I still cry my tears for Kurisu, Mayuri and Faris.
Often I find myself complaining about how some character's traits are too exaggerated in X or Y, but I enjoyed this here. It never really felt too annoying for me. Even the "annoying energetic" character was likable, for a change. So was the main character with his head full of crap, he stopped being full of crap right when he needed to. And there was the Tsundere. Why do I fall for the Tsundere so easily? Usually I'm not a fan of games making meta-jokes about themselves too, but here the comments about how a line sounds like it's straight from an eroge or how moe it would be if character Y turned out to be the "rich kid" type were hilarious to me. This game was well inside my comfort zone and kept me awake through a couple nights.
The only thing I did end up missing was some H-content, I feel. There certainly were some opportunities for it in the story. H-scenes can be annoying when you have to sit through them at points, but I did kind of want to see her naked. Well, that's what the internet is for. The absence of such things probably helped the popularity of the story a lot.

All in all, it was a great experience. That's the joy of discovering a new genre, you get to know all the previous masterpieces at your leisure!~

User Info: Zap0

3 years ago#20
No post editing here? After ranting a bit longer than expected, I forgot about JAST mentioning they were planning on releasing their Kana remake early 2015, and there is probably going to be a physical edition too. They also have a Steins;Gate sale this weekend, which does seem to be a prime example of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.
( http://www.psmag.com/culture/theres-a-name-for-that-the-baader-meinhof-phenomenon-59670/ )
I'll buy it, this game surely deserves it.
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