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User Info: OkGo4It

6 years ago#1
Well lets start off by me saying this is my first VN, Yes i never Read/Played a VN before because i thought these games were all about the "H"... i was wrong.

My PS3 is down atm (Its an old Phat PS3 it got a yellow Light -_-) and nothing to do my friend recommends me a bunch of VN's he has, i ask him a bunch of questions like "wtf is a VN" and like "i dont want to play a game where the goal is to screw a girl"

So he lends me the disk of KLS saying the "H" isn't that over the top like his other VN's and that this will make me cry....

So i took the disk and popped it in my comp, tries to install "Fail to copy the file"...... i look it up how to install this damn thing "I'm Running on Vista" and i had to run as admin. It installed all good now time to start it up.

Its about 10pm when i started reading/playing? lol. So his sister has a bunch of health problems and change's his outlook towards kana, From Ass of a little kid to Caring Brother
And there was alot of choice's in this game so i picked the Choices i would pick IRL....
To make my story short, my choice's made me end up with ENDING 4 - Snow (Intellectual Route 1)...

My god i was tearing up... its now 4am in the damn morning and this ending got me. i couldn't sleep for about another 30mins cuz i was Pulled in by the story and made me care for Kana. I know there's 5 more ending i should play but, if those ending's are more emotional then the first one i got, i'll be crying everytime dammit! And the damn Ending song didn't help just made me feel more sad in the inside lol.

Well yeah that was my first VN experience. should i play it again and try to get the other endings? Im'a ask my friend and you guys too if there's any other VN's out there with Story > "H"

User Info: Shoot the Works

Shoot the Works
6 years ago#2
Yes, you should go through it again to get the other endings. Aside from the overall divide between the first 3 endings and the "intellectual branch", each ending adds something unique to the overall experience.

Other VNs where the story is the driving element include:

-anything by Key/Visual Arts (Clannad & Kanon have fan translations)
-Yume Miru Kusuri
-Type-Moon (Tsukihime, Fate/stay night; fan translated)
-the Infinite series (Ever17, Remember11; H-free series)
-Snow Sakura (comedy gold; lots of rampant silliness, moderate H in the last half)
-Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni (both H-free, but the original art is terrible)
-Shuffle (seems decent so far, though a bit generic if you've gone through enough VNs)
-Sengoku Rance (tactical RPGish; veeerrry heavy on the H due to the main character, but it actually works with the story and gameplay)
-Cross Channel
-Princess Waltz
-Katawa Shoujo
-Kara no Shoujo
-Saya no Uta (Lovecraftian-esque horror)
-Da Capo

and many more, but that should be enough to start you off. In general though, if you avoid any VNs by Zyx and Sekilala (the two most notorious companies who get translated and have a general philosophy of H > story, though The Sagara Family by Zyx is not terrible), you should be fine.

User Info: Darkling183

6 years ago#3
I think you should definitely keep going and try to get the other endings. Snow is the shortest and least complete of the endings - there's a lot more material that you haven't seen yet.

In terms of other English bishoujo games you should try, I'd recommend Crescendo and Ever 17. Crescendo also has a strong emphasis on character over sex, and Ever 17 doesn't have sex scenes at all.

User Info: OkGo4It

6 years ago#4
thanks for the replies and suggestion's guys. my friend has a few of those games but wont let me borrow em till i 100% KLS.... went through my secondthrough blind again and this time i got the second ending... i cried more then my first playthrough.....

User Info: Darkling183

6 years ago#5
I think that's a wise decision on your friend's part. KLS is a special experience among bishoujo games and should probably be experienced in its entirety before you move on to other games.

Let us know how you go. =)

User Info: DarkEdge_Rock

6 years ago#6
Hi, First of all, welcome to the VN genre.

Regarding the goal of a BS game being to "screw a girl", well I wouldnt deny it. However games are created for an audience so you have different categories of games, some are sex romps and some, Kana being a great example, are story driven.

Kana was written by Romeo Tanaka (under pseudonym Yamada Hajime). He is quite famous for Kana as well as other games. He is definitely an awesome writer IMO

Some other games I can recommend are:

Yume Miru Kusuri
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