Is there a route? *SPOILERS*

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User Info: NeutralDrow

6 years ago#31

From: straitouttahell | #030
NeutralDrow posted...
I'm always here. I don't always have things to say, but I'm always here.

Hey, ND, nice to read from you.
Your review was one of the major reasons why I started playing KLS, and I'm glad I did, so I think I should thank you. I'm glad I could get in touch with you directly, FWIW.

Whoa, seriously? You from the Escapist, or did I randomly plug my review somewhere else?

Either way, that's really gratifying to hear. Part of the reason I got into writing those was because I love these visual novels and want to find people who might get the same enjoyment I did and share it with them. It's always great to hear when someone followed a recommendation!

...'cept when the person didn't enjoy the recommended game. Then I always want to apologize for accidentally making them waste their time. Luckily, that only seems to happen with one game, Tsukihime (unluckily, it happens to be my first and favorite >_>).
"Oh man, we're in trouble!"
"Come now. The worst that can happen is we all die."
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  3. Is there a route? *SPOILERS*

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