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User Info: Barghvendu

10 years ago#1
This is a good idea. I understand that many of us are anything but new to dueling, there are still those who seem to struggle getting their message across. Courses could include GRAMMARZ, discriptive writing, charactor development, and so on. We could also include a charactor bio course.
Maybe I'm getting a little long in the tooth, but I have only one major charactor and one minor(which I'm still working the kinks out of). Many of the newer/not so new members seem to have 10 gazillion charactors. I feel this may take away from them developing a singular charactor that they could truly fit them like a second skin. Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, I'm at work. I'll have more stuff later.
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User Info: TheFalseProphet

10 years ago#2
I agree with you, having multiple characters dilutes their skill, in some weird way. Instead of developing one (or two) really good characters, they spend their time on multiple characters and... well it just becomes a mess. Super is a prime example. I can't even count how many characters he has.

Check out the main topic, it's like third post down. We got a good skeleton for the school...but never really materialized into anything more. =/
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User Info: CanisKil

10 years ago#3
We can work on that.

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