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User Info: Hardy535

3 months ago#1
So I already posted this on reddit and people suggested to post it here, maybe some of you guys can help me:

About 15 years ago (when I was 6 years old) I played the gamecube version of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life when I suddenly encountered something I can't explain and that is still stuck in my head to this day. I finally want to figure out what this was about so let's get to the story:

I was playing the game like normal, basically like I did for so many hours I spend in this game when I was a child, fishing at the lake where the dwarfs (I think they are called sprites?) are living in the tree when suddenly a cutscene started.

I recall something rising up out of the lake (back then I thought it was a big fairy like in Zelda) and it started talking to me. The problem at this point: I wasn't able to read back then and neather my brother nor my mother had time to read it out loud for me, so I skipped through the cutscene (I hate myself for that so much). The "fairy" went back into the lake and nothing further happened after the cutscene has ended.

About 4 years ago I searched on the internet for the first time what it could be that I saw so many years ago as it was still bothering me and that was when I found out about the Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon. I haven't heard or read about it before because this was the first and only Harvest Moon I have ever played.

My best guess is that the "big fairy" was the Harvest Goddess which would be fine by me but I can't find anyone else on the internet that saw this cutscene. I searched for videos, pictures or posts, so far I haven't found anything. I found some videos about a cutscene where the dwarfs are talking about the Harvest Goddess but you never see her and the cutscene is not triggered by fishing in the lake like I did.

So was it only my imagination? Some people on reddit it's just a false memory but I think that this is highly unlikely, how could I have imagined something that would fit so perfectly into the story when I wasn't able to read back then?

Some information that might possibly help:

I played on the Gamecube PAL version of the game in german. I never used the connectitity feature to connect a Game Boy Advance to the game. I'm pretty sure that my character was already married at this point and that it was around evening or night time.

To be honest this has been bothering me for so long (over 15 years) that I would even put a reward on finding this (for reverse engineering the game or whatever is needed) so that I can finally figure out what this is about.

User Info: Robinstar

3 months ago#2
Why would it be highly unlikely for you to have a false memory from being 6? It’s a lot more unlikely that it happened. There’s an even almost like that, so maybe your young brain changed it to make it make more sense than it actually did. After the several “nices” events with the Harvest Sprites, there’s an event where the Harvest Goddess bumps her head on... the water... and doesn’t actually appear. It’d be pretty cool if there did end up being a hard to trigger event where she actually shows, but after her failure to appear the first time, I doubt it.

User Info: robster_2005

3 months ago#3
Don't remember anything like that at all I'm afraid TC.

Like the above poster said though, I do seem to remember the sprites trying to summon her without any joy
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