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User Info: TheLittlestH0bo

5 months ago#1
Let's talk about that.
"If gamefaqs was a city, this board would be like the distillery in the woods behind walmart." - xXEldestXx

User Info: YoshiTurtwig529

5 months ago#2
We probably should. I've been dancing around the issue for a long time now and I hate to admit it, since this is really the only board I've made anonymous friends on. Life is just catching up to me and in all the heat I tend to forget about things like this. Hell, I made this account when I was, like, 12, and the username shows. I don't even use this name anymore, I go by Rahlm in all my other accounts, the only reason I haven't changed this one is because of you guys and because I hardly post on gamefaqs at all.

I think a big part of me distancing myself from here is because I felt like I never had friends when I was younger, I live off in the boonies and never went out of my way to hang out with the people I knew in school. Now I regularly converse with people who I know over steam and discord, and the gap is filled.

Writing this is difficult, it's bittersweet for me. I look back at a lot of my old posts across various boards and I realize what an internet-illiterate kid I was, but at the same time I'm reminded of all the fun I had with this board, I remember feeling like I could really let loose and say the silliest things with the silliest people. My first post on the famous 500 post topic I think is a testament to that. It's easy to wax nostalgic, but at the same time, I know I would never want to go back to that time, especially when I cringe at several of my old posts. Yet I cannot deny that this board and you guys were a part of me, and in many ways still are.

I guess I'll conclude by saying a little bit more about myself. I got into programming recently and am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I've got this big dream of making my own pokemon-type RPG, with more focus on team building and balance and such. I'm also looking to make my own youtube channel and make my own video essays on games, anime and such, so keep an eye out for that if you care to.

It's been a real honor keeping this board alive with all of you. I promise I'll never forget any of you.
Move along now nothing to see here.

User Info: TheLittlestH0bo

5 months ago#3
It's kinda funny when I think about it. How many people have gone. I never really thought about how I would be here at the end, let alone that it would end at all. Such is life I suppose.



Rob is still around posting somewhere, but he doesn't love us anymore so it's cool. I'm not hurt about it.

Flip teases about posting and then never does. Fake.
"If gamefaqs was a city, this board would be like the distillery in the woods behind walmart." - xXEldestXx

User Info: RNTB

4 months ago#4
I made this account I'll probably never use just to write this.

If you nerds let this board die I'll never forgive you. I've visited this board since I was a dumb 8 year old trying to find out how to open that shed and finding out so many things that most definitely weren't true, but of course I didn't figure that out. I read all these stories about how you can befriend all these different characters and wild animals in order to get the turtle, or chihuahua, or cat or whatever to get them as pets. I learned about how you can help Murray get back on his feet. All of it was bulls*** but it was entertaining bulls***. I saw a community that made jokes over everything, early 2000's humor everywhere and it was glorious. A group of friends who took nothing seriously and enjoyed a wonderful game.

Don't let this board die. Don't let this community die. Create a discord server, do something. Whatever it takes to keep this group together. I know this is weird coming from some dude who's never spoke before, but come on, making a discord account and server takes like two seconds, it's worth it. This dumb little board is a part of my childhood. Don't let it die this easily.

User Info: NessEggman

4 months ago#5
@TheLittlestH0bo I still exist, but I seem to have come back around here only in time to witness the death of the board D:

@Yos***urtwig529 :,) It's true though. The community formed here feels like its own era in life. You know, you had your high school friends, your childhood friends, your college friends, and then there's this group. It really does feel like that to me at least.

@RNTB I never even thought about the idea that there were lurkers who were also attached to the board/community. As weird as it sounds, that's kinda touching. Thanks for posting.

Speaking of Discord, I have a server that was originally for a guild in a game but only 2 people ever joined it, so it kinda became a server for anyone who hangs out on my Twitch channel (where I did stream this game!) and there's even a channel for Harvest Moon though it's currently empty except for some turnips. Y'all are welcome to join if you want: https://discord.gg/6TwyJg2

It's not really anything specific to this group so if anyone wants to make one I'd join it. I'm not gonna make one myself though. "Keeping up" with this one is too much for me sometimes and there's hardly any activity.
http://thaao.net/playdiaries/ --- SSLPs of SaGa, Rockman, Harvest Moon, Tokimeki Memorial, and more

User Info: robster_2005

4 months ago#6
Hey I post every so often.......I'm usually warned or suspended for pissing off the snowflakes on the 313 board though
Fun and friendly FF14 discord - https://discord.gg/Kq3W7wv - Feel free to join

User Info: robster_2005

4 months ago#7
Also good idea Ness, or you guys are welcome to join my ff14 discord (in sig) that we have going - Decent people in there for the most part
Fun and friendly FF14 discord - https://discord.gg/Kq3W7wv - Feel free to join

User Info: That_Pikmin_Guy

4 months ago#8
i still lurk around.
i work nights and just look at gamefaqs topics during my breaks.

User Info: Robinstar

4 months ago#9
I exist on occasion. I’m one of the people that creeped on this place for years, then finally made an account a little over a year ago. Recently I’ve just been going back to, like, 10 year old topics and reading those.

User Info: DanseInDistress

4 months ago#10
I kinda exist. I don't log in often but I check these from time to time.
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