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User Info: moon50dragon

13 years ago#1
In the game it says his name is Claus....but when I go on sites like photobucket and look for his pictures it says his name is Klarth....Where is everyone getting "Klarth" from??

User Info: Alexstarfire

13 years ago#2
The SNES version. In the SNES version Cress is Cless and Claus is Klarth. There are a whole bunch of differences between the games. The most significant being the cooking/recipe system. In the SNES version they didn't have cooking, but they still had food. You'd put the food in a sack, either a small, medium, or large one depending on which on you had, and each step you took you'd gain a little health, and lose a little food from the sack, until the food ran out. Much better than the recipe system, I think.
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User Info: Cyllya

13 years ago#3
His name did not change between versions of the game. -_-

In every version his name is ƒNƒ‰[ƒX. This video game was made in Japan, by Japanese people, in the Japanese language. Japanese does not work the same way as English, so when you try to covert something from katakana (the letters Japanese uses for non-Japanese words) to Roman letters (what you're looking at now), there tend to be quite a few options that are all technically correct. I think I could probably list over 30 different ways ƒNƒ‰[ƒX could be validly romanized. In order to pick which one is correct when translating, you have to be able to tell what the name was supposed to be. To really know that, you'd have to ask some detailed questions of the guy who named the character, and that's some random unknown Wolf Team employee who could be anywhere now.

The next closest thing is to go by what the developers and publisher say, and anytime they want to refer to this character in roman letters, they always use "Klarth." But this is when it gets written on stuff like the Japanese version manual, where it's written for the purpose of looking cool both by and for people who may not know much about Roman letter languages. So sometimes it's wrong. Sometimes they don't even use the same name every time (they've been consistent with the given names of ToP characters though). Thus some people figure that if one of the possible romanizations for a name is an actual real-life name (or word), the developer/publisher must be wrong and the real-life name/word is the correct one. Even if the game uses other names that aren't real names/words.

The SNES and GBA versions were translated by different people, and Namco of Japan has been calling him Klarth for 12 years. So people who first got familiar with him from the GBA version know him as Claus, while anyone who's been a fan longer than that has had the name Klarth pounded into their head too long to expect them to break the habit now.

Similar deal with Cless/Cress, although his name has less romanization options.
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User Info: DibzMcgee

13 years ago#4
WOW Cyllya! Those are some complicated terms. But my vocabulary is still astounding! Anyway, yeah, Cress was Cless, Clause, Klarth. The recipe thing was new. But also, if you play the game boy advanced version like me, your not experiencing the best graphics. For reasons a little to long to list here, they had to demote the graphics for the gba version.

User Info: Kajitani-Eizan

13 years ago#5
i can't agree with Claus for an english localization, personally. they could have picked practically anything else and have made a better decision. i keep thinking, "where are the presents?"
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User Info: Cyllya

13 years ago#6
Well, it is the only "real" word/name that you can get from the kana, unless you get a bit liberal with the interpretation, in which case there's Class and Cross. (At least, I think there's a pronunciation of Claus that makes it valid for that kana, i.e. klahs. Isn't it pronounced klahz in English though? And behindthename.com says it's like klows in German. >_>)

I think sometimes people are too eager to make sure it's a "real" word/name though.... As evidenced by Exire (ƒGƒOƒUƒCƒA) in ToS (never mind almost every other place name in ToS), just because it's inspired by a real term or something from a mythology doesn't mean that's actually what the term in the game was supposed to be.

>>Those are some complicated terms.

What are you referring to? ƒNƒ‰[ƒX? Katakana?
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