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User Info: NightsDelusion

7 years ago#1
I just remembered this place existed. I came back saw Raist made a post(like half a year ago, but still). I saw that Wizzy was still around. I wish I saw tony(Chaos) and Brink.

I was thinking of putting a D&D campaign together and I was thinking of who I would want to role play and be nerdy with. I would love to catch up with a lot of you guys and it seems like a pretty appropriate thing to do considering that is how I met most of you in the magi-nation RPG.

If you remember me(I also go by WindDragon, if you forgot)/ know me and have weekends free well then let's put something together :). I will probably start stalking you guys who I remember to send PMs/IMs to check directly if you are interested. Nostalgia is like a brain virus.

If you can't for whatever reason and don't want to post, just know I miss you guys will always remember our nerd moments together fondly.
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User Info: avonna32

7 years ago#2
Hey I'm new to posting here, but I'm a long time hard core Magi Nation fan. And I'd love to join a RP.

If you're putting something together and need another person, PM me details. ^^
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WD!!!! Oh man, haven't seen you in FOREVER. I unfortunately have booked weekends, but I'm totally down with staying in touch.
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