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User Info: SeanC15

8 years ago#1
Hello guys. Big MN fan here.

Long time lurker, first time poster. So I'm gonna keep it short.

In order to revive some interest in the Magi-Nation community, I went through the liberty of creating a Facebook group.

A few reasons why I believe a Facebook group would be a better avenue for us fans to connect

1) communication would be WAY easier among us
2) Thus, the board would undoubtedly be more active
3) Possibly start a few fan-made projects

Now I don't intend on this being some sort of "mass exodus." I don't expect all of you to join me, as I know this place has some sort of nostalgic effect on people.

Feel free to follow the link and I will add you to the group. Also I've been watching this board for a while and I have a good idea of who's who so around here, so admin roles would be assigned accordingly.


I hope you guys will join me.

User Info: BWIceSoldier

8 years ago#2
I wouldn't exactly call it a "mass exodus" if there's not much of a population to move. In any case, I'll join the group, even if I don't use Facebook too much.
*menaces a crossbow and holds a riot shield*
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User Info: Lord_Hyren

8 years ago#3
You'd probably be surprised at the amount of ghosts vice actual posters.
*shrugs* I don't use Facebook.
*Casts Doom on everything* You all must now feel the pain that I have felt...DIE!
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