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User Info: GoombaPrince

2 years ago#1
Using savestates I managed to find out a few facts that were previously undocumented on the Black Box (specifically with x5 trades)

1. Once you save your diary and enter the box, you are assigned one of two flags:
Flag 1: When you send in any of the same cards, you'll get it spat back out at you.
Flag 2: When you send one of many specific sets of the same cards, you'll get an actual reward.
This is purely RNG. It seems like you can manipulate it though by checking a menu from the main menu/pause window before entering the Black Box menu.

2. When trading away 5 of the same Trainer card with Flag 2, you'll get a predestined (but random) Trainer card no matter which 5 same Trainer cards you put into the machine.
Again, this is only tested with the 5x same card stipulation. I kept on getting Imposter Professor Oak no matter which 5 Trainers I turned in, even with 5x Energy Search.
This means that further experimentation is required to find out all the potential Trainer cards you can get with Flag 2 and 5 of the same Trainer card. It could be a pool of exclusively rare Trainer cards, but that's just a guess.

3. When trading away 5 of the same evolvable card with Flag 2, you'll always get the next evolution in the line.
This applies to normal and dark variants of the cards. It seems like there's only one specific version of the card you can get, assuming there's two or more. For example, I got Ivysaur Lv20 from both 5x Bulbasaur combinations, even though Ivysaur Lv26 exists. The variant may be randomly chosen from getting into the box menu, though, so that requires testing still.

4. When trading away 5 of the same fully evolved/un-evolvable card with Flag 2, you'll get a predestined (but random) Pokemon card with the same Energy type.
For example, if I trade in 5x Dark Persian Lv28, I could get a Dark Clefable Lv33. The card per Energy type that you'll get is determined before you put any cards in, so you can definitely use throwaways if you'd like as long as they're cards that can't evolve further. It seems like you can only get fully evolved Pokemon back from this combination, but that may be incorrect, further testing is required.

5. When trading away 5 of the same Energy card (basic or not) with Flag 2, you'll get the same Energy card back.
This is not worth your time or chips or cards, obviously.

6. Again, Flag 1 always causes your trades to spit out 1 of the same card back.
Equally useless, but it can and will happen. Anything that could give a different card won't. Pokemon, Trainers and Energy alike.

Some of this research could be incorrect, the game could have fooled me into thinking some of these things. Again, further testing would be good. It feels like the Black Box is still very useful, but without savestates or resetting, it feels a lot less worthwhile now. You won't reliably get specific Trainer cards or Pokemon cards from this without using Pokemon that can still evolve, but hey that's still pretty useful. The flag system seems entirely unnecessary honestly, but it's there so I guess we have to deal with it? It'd be cool to get a code or a hack that automatically enables it when going into the box.

Information that seems to still be valid, is that Imposter Professor Oak and Computer Search are still obtainable via 5x Trainer card trades, though it's random instead of being tied to specific trades. Next stage up trades seem to also still be specifically tied to certain versions of the cards, so that could be useful to explore. The non-5x trades are still up for research, I'm not sure if the flag system applies to it or not.
Something important I've forgotten has been missing for years...
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