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User Info: Rare_Candy

4 years ago#1
Hey guys, this is a deck I came up with myself, works really well!

4x Mr Mime lv 28
4x Cool Porygon
2x Doduo lv 10
2x Dodrio lv 28

4x Itemfinder
4x Computer Search
4x Bill
2x Professor Oak
1x Challenge
1x Lass
2x PokeBall
1x Nightly Garbage Run

4x Super Energy Removal
4x Defender
2x Gust of Wind
1x Full Heal
1x Pluspower
1x Scoop Up

4x Psychic
4x Double Colorless
4x Full Heal Energy
4x Recycle Energy

The overall strategy is to block the opponents attacks. Mr Cool works as a stall deck but can also deal out heavy damage. Use Porygon's texture magic to resist the opponents attacks and change your opponent's weakness to psychic. Then If if they try to hit for 40+, neutralize them with Mime.

Recycle Energy is a star in this deck. It can allow you to retreat every turn when you need to switch between Mime and Porygon, plus it works great with Super Energy Removal. Doduo/Dodrio can soak up a few hits while you build and will provide you with free retreat to switch as much as you like. Full Heal energy is great for preserving Mime's invisible wall and preventing damage from poison. Pluspower is best used with meditate as it also powers up the next meditate etc. Garbage run can get you back psychic energies if they get discarded.

This deck absolutely destroys single-type decks like Rain Dance, and does very well against most psychic decks. Mr Mime neutralizes legendary Zapdos as well. Dodrio negates Hitmonchan and Magmar. The deck's biggest threat is probably Alakazam, so be sure to adjust your strategy when you come up against him - Itemfind your Garbage Run and your lass.


User Info: froggy25

4 years ago#2
I like it. I would not play it in "serious" Base-Rocket games though due to the 3-Energy cost (would play Lass to pray the DCE stays long enough in play), and because of Goop Gas Attack which is played everywhere (destroys Mr Mime).
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User Info: Rare_Candy

4 years ago#3
Interestingly, this deck is not legal in the base-rocket format as recycle energy is from Neo Genesis!
All of the Neo Sets had come out in Japan before this game came out.

I see what you mean, Mr Mime is very vulnerable to Goop Gas, and with a few energy removals early on, porygon is too slow. It's not best deck in the format by any means but it's fun being able to actually use 'Cool Porygon' in a decent deck.
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