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User Info: J_C_W

7 years ago#1
In the original games, Team Rocket is able to take over cities. Justifiable because Pokemon in their universe can exert force against the population.

In the TCG universe, Team GR at the beginning overtook the what was essentially the local card shops simply because they people's stole cards or out-dueled the club members...Stealing cards I get, but claiming property because of it?

Even under the suspension of disbelief and disregarding the lack of law enforcement, the installed gym leaders are still physically outnumbered 3-4 to 1. Oh wells :D

User Info: HikaruYami

7 years ago#2
No, you're thinking about it all wrong. Even in the pokemon games, no one is physically threatened by the Pokemon. If they were, then there would be a lot more "okay, sneak around the pokemon and attack the trainer!" going on. Both in the mainstream games and in this game, everyone is bound by an honor code; Pokemon is life, and if you lose in Pokemon, you lose in real life. Furthermore, martial artists' code in Japan requires that the loser obey the orders of the winner.

It's the same reason Team GR gives you stuff when *you* beat *them*. Imagine if the other club leaders refused to follow this code when Team GR themselves follow it; Team GR would be in the morally superior position, and then none of these poor club leaders would even know what to do with their lives.

In the real world, yes, they'd have no legal legs to stand on, but in this world, where clearly all humans are honor-bound by the code of martial arts as it applies to Pokemon TCG battles, I don't see anything strange.
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User Info: dswizard

7 years ago#3
At the start of each Pokemon game, you are given your starter because it's "not safe to travel out alone", ie the wild Pokemon are a threat. There's lots of references to Pokemon as powers of force such as the legendaries. It's just one of those things that doesn't really have to make sense - so trading cards aren't a real force and the whole island is obsessed by them for no reason, meh so what.
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