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User Info: Mr_Pretty

9 years ago#1
"Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings." Heinrich Heine

User Info: Dr_Smexy

9 years ago#2
The doctor's in.
Beware my smexyness!

User Info: _Dib_

9 years ago#3
Dib Robot: What are you talking about, I'm not acting strange. Oh look, aliens, and bigfoot! *runs away*

User Info: Pink_Snake

9 years ago#4

User Info: TheGrim_Reaper

9 years ago#5
Nobody lives forever.
Will I see you soon?

User Info: SeekerofEvil

9 years ago#6
I feed off of the evil in your soul.
Mandy: Its you and me against the world. We attack at dawn.

User Info: A__

9 years ago#7

User Info: Number_T

9 years ago#8
I know the twentieth letter of the alphabet.

User Info: couchpotatoXD

9 years ago#9
RIP: couchpotatodx
Mandy: What, you again? Hey, its your life.

User Info: Sir_Prettyalot

9 years ago#10
The Grim Reaper: Lady, I'm the Grim Reaper, not the Happy Morning Sunshine Reaper.
Camp Master Loompus: Some people don't deserve self-respect.
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