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User Info: pancakegr8

6 years ago#1
Though I think the opposite, this
is what's inside of me

Even though it seems a dream, the
people say I am a king

And thought I heard wrong or that
I really wasn't listening

Sure enough my true potential hasn't
fully been released

Said I'm visionary, that I see the
things that seem unseen

Said I have the skill to form a world
from every single seam

Everybody stating that they
know I can do it

To keep me from losing it, my
nature always tells me to prove it

Stuck inside establishments that
tend to kill my improvement

The obstacle that blocks my path, I'm
often too scared to move it

They say our people were the greatest
and that I'll repeat history

And that life is not a mystery, it's
governed by mastery

The same who made the heavens
and the earth, He made me

I know this all and yet show disrespect
when I dare to speak

They tell me that I'm wrong to talk
with harsh negativity

They also told me when I come to
Thee to be on my knees

I'm blessed with the best advice but
leave my talents to dwindle

As long as I refuse to use them then
it's Wasted Potential
What goes around comes around?...
What is the recompense for America's mistreatment of the black man and woman?
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