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User Info: Pieman0920

12 years ago#161
Amazing, its still a 2003 topic. o_o
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User Info: guwa

12 years ago#162
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User Info: Senbonzakura

12 years ago#163

User Info: tuba_hero

12 years ago#164

From: Pieman0920 | #161
Amazing, its still a 2003 topic. o_o

Yes, even after all these years, it still has the same creation date.

What a coincidence. >_>
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User Info: barbarianbob

12 years ago#165
This is not a coincidence. All of these events are connected!
The murder of the druglord, the underground sewer, the giant boulder,...
And now, the creation date of this topic!
It all makes sense!
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