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User Info: barbarianbob

13 years ago#151
If you actually have five-year-old soup--as you claim--I would encourage you to throw it out. Or at least donate it to the poor.
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User Info: Skobrev

13 years ago#152
Isn't 5 year old soup a protected habitat?... I mean, the living creatures you can find in there must be very valuable for scientific research and such.
-2 C.

User Info: rstuvw595

13 years ago#153

*drinks 5 year old soup*

Mmm, tasty!! ^_^

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User Info: Nihilism98

13 years ago#154
I must say... Epic topic is epic.

Also, ramen > soup.

User Info: deadmanwalking5

13 years ago#155
Baby stew > ramen > soup

User Info: Skobrev

13 years ago#156
< > >
-2 C.

User Info: Skobrev

13 years ago#157
...And that concludes today's maths lesson.
-2 C.

User Info: Senbonzakura

13 years ago#158
guys wth where's my underwear

User Info: Bass_X0

13 years ago#159
I miss Dawn7.

She was fun to talk to sometimes but frustratingly annoying at others.
"Well, it's not a bad game. It's made by Capcom, so how could it?" ~ AVGN

User Info: Dawn7

13 years ago#160


Awake good! Awake forever! Confusion good! Enjoy weekend! Purge evil! Sleep bad! Staple cookie good! Thinking evil! TV good! Video games good! Weekend good! @_@
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