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13 years ago#1
First off, let me welcome you to Team Micky! Before we get into the good stuff, I'd like to get through a brief history lesson.

So, after I finished the storyline of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue and parts of the afterstory, I went around just sorta rescuing people. Almost as a non-official one-man rescue team. I was then asked to start the real deal, which ended in Team Micky's birth. Team Micky tried to stay as fair as possible, and its members, alliances, and reputation quickly grew. At the top of its peak, I've heard that it was among the best, but I can't exactly say anything about that being true. Micky lasted for most of Mystery Dungeon's time, ending in a bizarre event (Actually, I'm afraid it'll come up again in the future, but I'm not going to worry about that now). It was solved, but slowly afterwards the members began to die out and become inactive. At that point every team that Team Micky once knew did the same, allowing brand new teams to rise instead.

Soooo...That being said, I plan to revive the once great Team Micky now that the game's prequel is here. The original Team Micky's Home Topic was several pages long, explaining rules and the like. Since that'd be, kinda, well, dull, I'm going to shorten it as much as possible so it won't be as treacherous to go through.

Letsee. Hmm. This is hard. umm.

First off, no member of Team Micky is permitted to ask for, let alone demand, a reward for rescues. That does not go to say that an offer must be declined- If someone wants to give one, what a nice person, but I don't want to see members expecting rewards.

ANYBODY IS ELLIGIBLE TO JOIN TEAM MICKY, REGARDLESS OF LEVEL. This is the point of life. Period. The stronger the easier it will be to rescue, but the weaker the more help we can give. Most newbs don't wander about looking to join teams, but when they do the easiest way to get by is to help them get through the game however possible. There's no reason to outcast a starter by not allowing them to join when it's extremely easy to help them get through the game and become stronger by allowing them to.

Next don't troll. I could go into a whole thing here, but I mean there really is no point. So just don't do it. It's that simple, and trolling is that pointless.

Any other team is able to ally with us if they would like. To do so just say so here. Allied teams obviously don't have to abide by our rules, but I would hope that they wouldn't be...erm...jerks about it.

If you want to be a new member, or need a rescue, just make a topic stating so.

I know I'm missing a lot of things, but I'll post them here as I remember. Moving on, there's a little other background information you need to know:

First, Micky is not a typo for Mickey. Micky is actually the name of my dog, and not knowing what else to name my in-game team, I threw her name into it. It then just kinda stuck with me since then.

There is currently one other leader besides me at the moment, and that would be Gamemaster. Normally it's a very big process to promote people to leadership, but he has been with me throughout the original Team and is still sticking by. Pretty soon I'm going to need a second leader, but I will worry about that too later.

Bah. Still forgetting something. Oh well.
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