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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

1 year ago#191
I started Miitopia tonight. I fully expected the game to be Tomodachi Life with RPG elements, and it more or less is. There were a lot of good moments right off the bat. Here are some:


The only major complaint so far is that you can only control yourself, your other party members act automatically, which I don't like because A.) I think it takes a lot of potential strategy out of the game and B.) I like to have control of my own team, even if the automated teammates are fairly competent. Which, unfortunately, they're not perfect. Ever since she got the pilfer skill, my thief has been wasting a lot of time stealing restorative items from enemies. This particularly sucks, because she has the only party-wide attack of the four, barring my mage's lightning, which deals damage to foes adjacent to the original target but isn't true hit-all by any means.

As for my own character, I made myself a warrior because I feel it suits me as well as my likeness for bulky/hard-hitting character archetypes. This was a fantastic choice, because I paired it with the stubborn personality trait which comes with a passive ability that occasionally reduces damage. My character also particularly liked what is so far the only attack-boosting food in the game, so I've been feeding it all to him and as such he has +11 attack. He deals 24~ damage in a single strike compared to the next highest at the mid-teens.

Another interesting thing is that rather than allowing you to visit stores, your characters will tell you what they want and you can choose whether or not to loan them the money. Sometimes they will end up buying something other than what you sent them out to get, but this has only happened to me once and at the very least I got the change back.

I'm interested to play some more, but I'm also trying to replay Partners in Time, having last beat the game in the late 2000s, so I can determine if it's really the least Mario & Luigi game in the series (hint: if it can actually hold my interest long enough to beat it, it already has a leg up on Dream Team).
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User Info: Koopa-Dude94

1 year ago#192
I overall agree with Retro's opinions. and also have my own album. Minor story spoilers ahead, nothing terribly surprising or spoiley, though. http://imgur.com/a/7MBGU

There is one other element I'm not sure how I feel about, and I suspect you won't like, Retro. At first I didn't like it, but it has allowed me to...spice things up a bit, so to speak.
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User Info: RetroYoshi4191

1 year ago#193
In all honesty, Mini Witecastle Slime sounds like something that mighty actually be a menu item.

If what you're thinking of is what I just recently ran into, it's... interesting. There are both things I like about it and things that I don't, but I think I'll wait and see because I'm wondering if this isn't the only time it'll do it and hoping that at some point I'll be able to use all my party members collectively by switching people around at inns, hopefully for some significant portion of the game and not just for the final dungeon, to whatever extent there may be a final dungeon.
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

1 year ago#194
Before getting sucked into FE: Echoes (which is still very good, even as Act 4 brings out the swamps), I was on a crazy mission to play a hell of a lot of Super Mario Strikers. The end result of all that playtime will come soon enough, but I've chopped up all the cool goals I scored along the way into this 4 minute video:


I apologize for the glare and really bad recording. The only camera I own that wasn't made in the Bush administration is my iPhone.
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User Info: LightningYoshi

1 year ago#195
Finished my placements for Overwatch season 5 last night and climbed back up to Gold, which is the minimum I set for myself every season. I'd like to hit Plat one season but I'm not willing to sacrifice the time at the moment.

Recently took a trip to Los Angeles, and it was hard to keep up with Fire Emblem Heroes while on vacation (made sure to deprioritize games) but now that I'm back in town, I can focus on it a little better. The amount of effort I've put into Pokemon Go since the trip though has dropped significantly, also due to the massive influx of raids this month. I burned myself out so I'm trying to stick with just one raid a day.

Roommate moved out but lent me Uncharted 4 (I can't find my sister's copy) and Fire Emblem Path of Radiance so I should finish those by Thanksgiving.

But it refused.
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