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User Info: MikeyMo82

7 years ago#1
Never played this series very much, but I always was interested in it. For $5.99 I'm thinkin' about it...

If I enjoy various Street Fighter incarnations... will darkstalkers keep my attention for a while?
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User Info: Halo05

7 years ago#2
It's very archaic nowadays but I think it's an interesting history lesson. I think it was Capcom's first fighting game after Super Turbo and it introduced the sprite style that would carry them through the beginning of the millenium. It also (I think) introduced chain combos which pretty much stuck to the Vampire games afterwards (Alpha 1 has them too).

Just don't expect the second coming of *insert your favorite fighting game here* and you should at least get your six dollars out of it.
ssb has bean the best fighting game series ever since its was frist realized.

User Info: SirWaWa

7 years ago#3
unless i'm tripping anyone notice they changed the way u copy psone games to your psp
u do it through the install file instead of the actual game
after the install it doesn't delete the install, it keeps it
i kept looking for the copy option through the game and it wasn't there then i noticed after the install it didn't clean up the install file (the bubble icon)

User Info: Fermio

7 years ago#4
I never played Darkstalkers before so I decided to give it a chance, I'm just starting to get into it, but it feels like every character is über-cheap. I love it.

Does anyone know where can I get a beginner's tutorial online?
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